Friday, 18 July 2014

I'm baaaack!!

If there's anyone left out there reading this blog, then from the bottom of my heart I'm truly sorry for the huge blank space that has been this blog for the last couple of months! I could give a list of excuses why, but I won't. In truth its just been laziness. Plenty of people have plenty of things going on in there lives, and still make time for their blog, so for me to come along and try to use the things that have happened in recent months to me as an excuse, it would just be highly insulting to all those people out there who have genuinely have more hectic lives and still have fantastic blogs on the side!
Anywho, apologies aside, things have changed a bit for me in recent months, and to be honest at the start I was a bit down in the dumps about it, but the last few weeks especially, I've seen how fantastic the friends that I have really are, and I've enjoyed some fantastic nights out with them, some that I won't be forgetting anytime soon... :D But one thing these nights out (there's been a lot), have taught me, is that for the first time in a long long time, I'm genuinely happy.
Far too many times I found myself sitting in my bedroom crying for reasons I couldn't figure out, a lot of the time I put it down to grieving for my grandfather, (which maybe it was). However, I haven't had that happen to me in weeks. I wake up in the morning in a great mood, looking forward the day ahead, and find myself giggling and smiling at ridiculous things during the day and just in much better form than I ever can remember being in before.
So now that I've found myself in this great humour, I've found itch to start blogging again has returned. I'm not that sure exactly where I'll start, but over the last while I've found some products that I genuinely love, so no doubt you'll hear about those!
So if there's any of you left out there, thanks for sticking with me and I'm looking forward to getting stuck back in soon!

Lots of Love,

Alisha xxx

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