Friday, 7 February 2014

Fiver Friday!

Hello Friday you beautiful day you, welcome back! And welcome to all you lovely ladies! Hope you all have some great plans for the weekend? Me, not so much. Oh well!
The idea for this blog post hit me like a bold of lightning earlier in the week, I am hoping to make it into a mini series, but I'll see what the feedback is like from this post and take it from there!
Basically the idea is that every Friday I'll show you a product of some sort, be it skincare, haircare, makeup or bodycare, that you can pick up for the bargain price of 5 euro or thereabouts! 

I thought I'd start with what I would consider to possible be the best bargain of all time! That sounds like a big claim, but when you see what I'm talking about you'll see why! 

It is of course W7's 'In the Buff' palette! Yes, you have it right. It is quite an obvious dupe for Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette, even down to the tin effect packaging, but for a lot less than a Naked 2 would set you back! 
In the Buff also contains 12 different shades, with a mixture of shimmers and mattes, ranging from lighter champagne's to darker blacks, which makes this palette perfect for creating a smokey eye! 
Obviously it is fair to say that these shadow's would not be to the standard of the Urban Decay ones but if you use an eyeshadow primer of your choice underneath them, they will last for a decent amount of time! 
This palette is great if you would like to try the Naked 2, but can't afford the 36 euro price tag, or if you do want to invest in the Urban Decay offering, but perhaps might want to try out a cheaper alternative first to see how the colours would work on you, (they'll work on everyone, they're neutral after all).

Its available from Cara Pharmacies nationwide, (it tends to be sold out a lot), or online HERE
So what do you guy's think? Would you be willing to try this palette? 
Have you any bargainous products for me to try?
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx


  1. May try this out, haven't gone for any of the Naked palettes (essentially because I have 6 of their other palettes and have no room!) but considering the rosy shades of the Naked 3 as I have a lot of the colours but am fed up going through 4 palettes looking for certain shades, not efficient when going out!
    Will definitely check this out, haven't checked out W7 where can I find it?

  2. I'm dying to get the Naked 3 myself! such lovely shades! I'm hoping someone will bring out a cheeky dupe though! ;) Its in Cara Pharmacies and on the website (thanks for that it made me realise I forgot to put that vital info in! doh! x :)

  3. Oh wow! Thanks for making me aware of this. I actually love the quality of W7 products, their 'Africa' bronzer is amazing so I HAVE to get this palette!

    Fiona @

  4. Can't beat W7! I used to be sceptical because they were so inexpensive, but they seem to have really upped their game recently! I'm curious to try the Candyfloss blusher, looks like its really similar to my beloved Dandelion from Benefit! :) x

  5. I picked this up the other day - dying to try it out against the Naked 2! :) x