Friday, 28 February 2014

Fiver Friday

And here we are again, the end of another week! Woohoo! And I'm back with another inexpensive product that you should all go out and buy... Today its MUA's Undress Your Skin Highlighter.  If you're not aware of the brand, they are an English company, that sell some amazing make up products for next to nothing! I've tried a lot of products from the company, and the only thing I haven't liked was a concealer, mainly because the shade was wrong, but everything else I've loved, including this little beauty. Its a champagne coloured highlighter that MUA say 'transforms your complexion with luminous shimmer', which I would agree with completely.
 I mostly just use it on the high points of my face, and it gives me a gorgeous natural highlight, without looking like a discoball. The presentation of this is lovely aswell, its actually very similar to the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish to look at!

My only little bugbear is the plastic packaging. While I'm not usually fussed on packaging, I believe you get what you pay for, this white plastic casing isn't very good or sturdy. Mine actually broke after a couple of weeks, and while the highlighter itself is still in one piece, I'd be afraid to bring the product anywhere with me for fear it would end up all over the bottom of my handbag.

The price you ask? 3.66 euro! Its available in Superdrug for all you ladies in the capital, but if you're like me living in the sticks, you can order it online HERE. However I've just checked and its out of stock. (Now do you see how good it is?) But if you really want it keep an eye on the site because it generally doesn't be out of stock for too long. MUA also do offers and discounts fairly frequently, so who knows, you may end up picking up another couple of bits too!

Thanks for reading guys,
Alisha xxx

Pictures taken from MUA and Brown Thomas Websites respectively.

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