Monday, 2 June 2014

Orange Lips...

Hey ladies, I hope you all had a fantastic June Bank Holiday Weekend! I'd a great time, went out Friday, had a rest Saturday, and hit the town again yesterday! :) It was great to catch up with friends and have a good gossip, and scout out some potential talent ;)
Anyway, given that I've seen orange lips everywhere this Summer, I decided I wanted to give it a try. I'm a little bit apprehensive about colours like these because they can often wash me out and just look ridiculous on me! But I decided I'd pick up something cheap to try the trend, and if I didn't like it there was no harm done.

The one I decided to try was from one of my favourite brands Catrice, more specifically the Ultimate Colour Range. This range comes in sleek black packaging, which make it look more expensive than its less than 5 euro price tag. It also has the brand name embossed into the actually product, which I think is another lovely touch.
The shade I picked up was shade 50, Princess Peach, ( cute right?) To me this is a beautiful light orange shade, which isn't too over powering, which is what I wanted given that I was dipping my toe into the orange pool for the first time.
Formula wise, it was so comfortable, it glided on to my lips effortlessly, and left a creamy, glossy sheen. It applied lightly, but I built it up to get more colour. Time wise, it didn't last too long, but given that I was eating and drinking, I wasn't too surprised. But reapplying lip products isn't something that bothers me too much.
Overall, I'm really glad I picked it up, and I do genuinely really like it! Paired with a neutral eye and lashings of mascara, it's the perfect shade for Summer, if it ever arrives that is! I also picked up a more vibrant shade from the Penney's range, but I'm yet to try this, but I shall let you all know when I do! :)

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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