Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Rimmel Self-Tan Mousse

For the most part I'm a massive tanaphobe. (I'm not even sure if that's a word, but for the sake of this post it is). I've tried a fair few tans, and a lot of them just haven't worked for me. Even Cocoa Brown, which is probably the easiest tan in the world to use, just didn't seem to look right on my Casper skin. However, Rimmel released a new mousse tan recently, (when I say recently it's definitely a few months ago), so of course I decided I'd try it.
First off, the packaging. It comes in a plastic bottle that contains 150ml of product.  It's about the 7.99 mark, so not expensive at all for what you get. The nozzle makes it really easy to dispense the product, in comparison to some other tan's which I often find get clogged and stop dispensing the product after a certain amount of time! It's not exactly the fanciest looking, but it's fine. And honestly, I'm not a huge packaging fiend, as long as a product does the job I'm extremely happy.
And let me tell you this product definitely does a mighty job. I think I have finally found a 'holy grail tan'.
On Rimmels' website, www.rimmellondon.com if you're interested, this is what they have to say about the product.

  • Instant colour which develops into a long lasting colour over 3-6 hours
  • Gives a natural tan for 2-3 weeks (with an application once a week during 3 weeks)
  • Blends flawlessly and seamlessly for a streak free result
  • No fake tan smell.

  • The tan itself does provide instant colour, but nothing too mad, I think it's more a guide colour so you can see where it's been applied already.
     I also find after an hour the shade has started to deepen a bit, and after maybe 4 hours it's developed into a nice bronzed shade, that's deep enough for me. (I'm using the light shade for the record. The best bit for me is that it doesn't have to be washed off!
     You just apply it, let it dry (it dries very quickly FYI,) and you're good to go!
    It goes on really easily, and it doesn't streak at all.
     It doesn't transfer onto clothes or sheets which is a pain in the backside with most tans.
    It's matte, so it's really natural looking, so nothing like the sunshimmer of day's gone by where we'd look like a disco ball after application!
    However, the only claim I'd disagree with is the claim that there's no fake tan smell. Because there is. Not as strong as most other tan's, but after a while you do get that biscuit smell.
    But to be honest, because I think the product is so brilliant, I'll forgive it that! I genuinely think this is the most fool proof tan I've ever tried. It doesn't even go funny on my hands, which happens with every tan I've used!
    As for longevity, I find if I moisturise well after I shower and exfoliate, I can get a good week out of the tan. I haven't reapplied it so I can't say whether it lives up to the claim that it lasts' 2-3 weeks. But a week for me is plenty!
    I'm currently rocking the pale look, so I shall update this at the weekend  with some pictures
    when I'm a bronzed goddess to show you all what the colour is like! :)

    It's priced around 7.99 I believe, and you can buy it in most Penney's and most pharmacies!
    Have you tried it?
    What are your thoughts on it?

    Thanks for reading,
    Alisha xxx

    (Image taken from www.boots.ie)

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