Monday, 3 August 2015

Flormar 'Haul'

Hi Ladies,
I hope you're all enjoying the ahem 'Summer'...
Today I'm going to show you a few bit's I picked up from a new make up brand called Flormar. Now I say new, but it actually isn't. They're actually around since the 70's, having been born in Milan, and also having been extremely popular in Turkey, but imagine, it's taken this long to get to us!
Well when I say us, I actually picked up these bits in Lanzarote a few week's back, but fear not, they are on the way to Irish soil very soon I do believe!
I could've gone nut's in the shop so very easily. I mean there was so much of everything! Multiple nail and lip colours, eyeshadow, blushes, you name it they had it! They even had staff on hand to give make-overs, which I genuinely would have loved, but in 36 degree heat it would've just slid right of my face! The staff in there were so pleasant helpful as well, which is always a plus!
So finally, I'm going to show you now what I bought! I haven't done any swatches for the products, but I'll more than likely be doing individual blog post's on all the item's, so I shall add in the swatches to those posts.

  • High Performance Rotating Volume Mascara: Yep, you read that right, A rotating mascara, which I believe the girl in store told me is battery operated! I was a bit dubious that it would do anything, but after having it tried on one of my eye's I had to have it. It instantly made my eyelashes appear longer and thicker, without that clumpy look! I haven't used it properly since because I've such a huge amount of mascara to get through, but I look forward to using it! 

  • Sheer Tinted BB Cream with SPF 15: This I have yet to try properly, but once I do I'll definitely let you guy's know how I got on with it. Some day's I just can't be bothered with a full face of make up, but it's still nice to put something on when I have to go out and run some errands and what not. From the little bit the sales assistant tried on my hand it seems to have a decent amount of coverage, even though the name is 'sheer tinted'. I'm not a fan of really full coverage bases anyway, so this will be nice to have in my ever expanding collection! Colour wise though I did struggle to find a good match, but then again I was in Spain where the ladies are a lot more bronzed than me, but I'm sure they'll cater to us pale skinned lassies when they arrive on our shores!It doesn't actually give a shade name on this, it just says 01, so I'm just assuming it's the lightest shade! 

  • Extra Colour Lip Lacquer Shade 04 Peace Out: I have given this serious usage since picking it up, I'm absolutely loving it! For me Lip Lacquer's have a tendency to be extremely drying and leave my lips in a heap. Not this chap! It's so creamy and comfortable to wear, and it lasts forever! The pigmentation is amazing as well, like you literally only need the smallest amount. I really love the colour of this, it's like a light pink/peach colour, but to be honest, I don't think it really suits me. But ya know, YOLO and all that. :P

  • Terracotta Blush in Shade 45 Touch of Rose: This is a baked blush, and it's absolutely gorgeous! It kind of reminds me of the Mineralized Skin Finishes from MAC to look at, I can't say if it performs the same as I don't own any of them :( But this is a beautiful pink, with hint's of brown and gold glitter. I find that when I apply it that it nearly does the job of a blush and a bronzer all in one, and we all love a product that's multi purpose! However if you don't like glitter I wouldn't recommend this, as it is very heavy on glitter, and I find as the day goes on and the colour fades a bit, the glitter is more prominent. I don't care though I still luurrrve it! 

  • Puffy Eyeshadow 03 in Its My Headband: This is a lovely burgundy, rusty kind of shade, It probably won't suit me at all but the colour was so pretty I just had to have it! I haven't tried it properly, but one swipe in the shop resulted in such pigmentation, and it seemed to be really smooth, so once this post is up and pictures are taken I'll be sure to give it a good go! I'm thinking it would be perfect for a statement eye look on a night out! 
 So these are the few items I picked up. I really could have bought the shop but I was good and            restrained  myself, but I definitely will be picking up a few more bit's when it gets to Ireland.              The prices are fantastic, think somewhere along the lines of Rimmel and Maybelline, and the               packaging is a lot more luxurious than the prices would lead you to believe! If I can find prices           I will add them in for the item's, but I would advise getting out and trying the brand because for           the price you can't really go wrong! 

        Have any of you tried Flormar? What did you think?

        Thanks for reading,
         Alisha xxx

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