Tuesday, 2 February 2016

PS Love Make Up Range.

Hey Lovelies,
Hope you're all well and happy! Another Monday done and dusted! Although I can't say much, I was in Liverpool/Birmingham for the weekend and only came back today so my Monday was alright! Anyway, I'm back today to show you a few bit's that I've picked up recently from the Penneys/Primark Beauty Range. Now I'm just going to say that I haven't given any of these a good go yet, I've tried some of the bit's once or twice, so we'll see how they fair out. I'm just letting ye know about them in case ye fancy going out and picking them up! :) I also bought these at different stages, between here and the UK.

Contour and Sculpt Contour Kit: I know, not another contour kit offering! The whole contouring thing seems to have just blown up in 2015, and when I saw this I couldn't not pick it up just to try it out. I haven't been one for the contour phase, as if it's done badly, it just looks like two stripes down the side of your face. This one comes with a contour shade, a bronzer (well at least I think it is), and a highlight.  It also comes with a tiny little brush, alongside a picture to show you where to place each powder.Now, I did try it once, and I have to say I didn't find it very pigmented. But for me that may be a good thing because at least then I can't go overboard. It was a steal at 4 euro, and I'm going to give it a good go before I make up my mind.

Blush Duo: I'm a blush fiend, I have loads and loads, but yet I still go back for more! To be fair, I didn't have anything like this in my collection. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. This is a blush and highlight all in one, and it reminded me very much of the No7 ones  that were released last Summer. This is yet to be tried out, but I'll report back as soon as I do.

CC Sticks: I came across these in Primark in Liverpool the other day and just had to try them. They had 4 different types to do with particular problem areas. I picked up the yellow for under eye circles, the green for redness, and the purple for dullness. I'm not sure if these are available in Ireland yet, but if not I'm sure they'll be along soon. I tried yellow one on Sunday night going for dinner, as we'd been doing a lot of travelling and walking and what not, and a lack of sleep at night between going out, and someone snoring, meant I had fairly bad circles under my eyes. I didn't use a primer as I was being lazy and only had a few minutes to liven up, so I found it a bit dry, but I think with a primer it'd be fine. It really did a good job of cancelling out the darkness under my eyes, I instantly looked more alert and awake! These were again only something like 1 or 2 pounds, sure I couldn't leave them there!


Velvet Matte Lip Pencils: These were the things I was most excited to pick up. I've seen plenty of people talking about them so I was mad to give them a go. I picked up two, a Red, and a Brown/Nude,
 which is that kind of colour the one and only Kylie Jenner seems to love! I've tried the brown colour so far, and I've to say, I'm not sure if the colour is for me, but the texture is nice. It's matte without being extremely drying, but I always use a bit of balm because no matter how hard I try my lips are chapped. These remind me a lot of the Maybelline Lip Pencils which I love, which are also comparable (apparently) to the Nars ones. So if they're something you'd be interested in, you may like to try these. 

So ladies. they're some of the bits you can pick up in our favourite shop at the minute. There's a lot more, like foundations, nail polish, eyeshadow, and also brushes, (some of which I've tried and I'll talk about in their very own post soon.) 

Like I said, I'll give everything a good go and if there's anything worthy of it's own blogpost, I'll be sure to do it. Have you lovelies tried any of the Penneys/Primark make up?
What did you think?

Thanks for reading, Alisha xxx

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