Tuesday, 9 February 2016

All About The Base

Hey lovelies, happy Tuesday! Hope the weekend treated you all well and Monday wasn't too bad?
Mine was great, my best friend got engaged recently, so we went out for dinner and caught up on all the gossip,and then went for a couple of drinks afterwards. So it was a nice weekend! I was then off Monday so happy days  :)
I'm back today with a post on my base routine and what products I use to give me the perfect base day to day. If your base isn't right, then obviously the rest of your make up won't be either!
So obviously I cleanse tone and moisturise first, I'm using a Garnier Cleanser and Toner at the minute which are great.Cheap as chips, but make my skin feel really clean and moisturised. For moisturiser I'm using a hydrating serum from Superdrug as I'm always rushing in the morning because I always leave it to the last minute to get up! I will go into more detail about my skincare in another post though.

My first step is always a primer. No matter how much of a rush I'm in I'll always use a primer. The one I'm currently using and Loving is the Rimmel Match Perfection Fix and Perfect Primer. This is a great little primer and it only costs 8.99! Rimmel maintain this is a 5 in 1 product, that has a number of functions including mattifying the skin, and  reducing the size of pores. I don't really notice either of these things, and I've a ridiculously red nose with huge pores. But for me it just makes my foundation last a lot longer than it would otherwise. It's more of cream consistency which I much prefer to the ones that are too silicone like.  I've been using this consistently since the end of December, and I'm almost out, which is a good sign.
For my foundation I've been loving the Rimmel Match Perfection. No other foundation has got a look in since I got this one. I fully intend on doing a blog post on this alone, so keep an eye out for that. It's a medium coverage, which I love because me and full coverage just don't get along. At the same time though it is buildable, so if you're someone who's into fuller coverage you could just build up a couple of layers. It's labelled as a radiance foundation and it is dewy, but a lot of the dewiness is gone once I powder it. For me though the winner for this is the length it lasts. Now seen as I use a primer I would assume that helps, but it lasts throughout the day with no top ups. I put it on in the morning at around 8 45, and when I come home at 6pm it looks more or less the exact same bar a slight shine on my forehead and chin. I find it even lasts relatively OK on my nose, which I find no matter what I use it always slips off my nose first. It's another bargain at 9.99, and comes in a decent amount of shades, so it's worth a try if you want to try a new foundation but don't have a huge budget. My next step then is to do my under eye concealer, and unless I have a whopper of a spot this is the only place I use concealer. I'm lucky enough to have relatively clear skin most of the time, but there is a fair bit of darkness under my eyes.

The concealer I've been using lately is the Catrice Liquid Camoflage Concealer. It's the perfect consistency, it's thick enough to cover my under eye bags  without being cakey and really brightens up the area, and applies nice and smoothly.  I'm yet to find a concealer that doesn't end up looking funny on me by the end of the day, but I think that may be more to do with my powder.  This was only a few euro as well, and it's well worth it.

My last step then is to set everything with a powder, and the one I'm currently using is the MUA Skin Define Hydro Setting Powder. Again this is another product that's cheap as chips but works well. It sets everything into place and makes my make up last a bit longer than it normally would. After a while my forehead does get a bit shiny, but I can deal with it. My only gripe is I find my under eyes get a bit creppy looking, but I'm going to keep trying and testing until I find something to eradicate that.
So that's my every day routine for my base. After this I go on to do my blush and bronzer etc, and I will show you what I use in another post.

What are your current go to base products?
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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