Thursday, 31 March 2016

Make Up Revolution Haul

Hello lovelies, how's your week going?
I'm back this week with something a bit bold. I'd been so good and holding out buying make up, but then Make Up Revolution had a discount code on the Leap Year so I just had to purchase a few bits! Make Up Revolution are a very reasonable priced brand anyway, so the discount code just made it even better!
Let's see what I got shall we?

So as you can see, I eh, got quite a bit!! Whoops! 

Starting with face products, I got 4 items.  First off, I got the Pro Fix Amazing Make Up Fixing Spray. I've seen and heard this being used a lot, and I've never used one, so I said I'd give it a try. Now I've used it once or twice, and I'm not blown away just yet, but I'll keep ye posted. 
As if I didn't have enough blush already, I got one of The Matte Blushes in the shade Dare. When I saw it online it looked nearly like a really light purple that I thought I'd nothing like it in my collection. Well turns out I was wrong, I've a Sleek blush nearly the exact same! Oops! I haven't tried it yet, but again I'll fill ye in later on. I also picked up one of the Ultra Blush Palettes in Hot Spice. Now this and the Fixing Spray I got in a pharmacy near where I work, but online this blush palette looks very dark and not like much. However though it's the complete opposite! It's made up of 6 beautiful varying shades of coral tones, and 2 amazingly pigmented highlighters! I've been wearing this quite a bit since I got it, and I think this is definitely worthy of it's own blog post. #Staytuned. Lastly for the face I got the Correct and Conceal Palette in the Light/Medium shade, I bought this to try cream contouring, but realistically I should have bought the darker shades for that, but I'll get use out of this some way.  

 I've heard a lot of good things about Make Up Revolutions eye shadows, so naturally I had to try some. I picked up the I <3 Make Up I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz Palette. These I Heart Chocolate Palettes I believe are possible dupes for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes, but I don't have any of the Too Faced ones, so I can't compare. But just look at the packaging, just LOOK! How cute is it? Anyway, as you can see below, the shades in here are all different neutral tones, bar the navy one. I have tried this a couple of times, some shades are amazingly pigmented, some not so much. But I think that's to be expected with all palettes!

Another thing I had heard a lot about was the Awesome Metals Eye Foils. Again, Stila have something like this, the name is lost on me but the concept is the same and they're a fair bit more expensive than the Make Up Revolution ones. They come with a mixing tray and a mixing solution that you use to mix the shadow.  I picked up the shade Rose Gold, which obviously is rose gold. This I'm very much looking forward to playing with! 
And no make up look would be complete  without the eyebrows! So I picked up a Brow Duo Brow Arch and Shape in Dark. This has a brow pencil type product on one end, and a pen on the other which is to help draw on light feathery strokes. First off, it's not dark! I've very dark brows for some reason, considering I have light brown/reddish hair. But I'm enjoying using the product so we'll see. 

For lips, I went with one product. And that was the Lip Lava in Shockwave. It's a really vibrant pink/purple shade. It's a liquid lipstick type product but not one of those really drying matte ones, it's a more glossy moisturising type product, which again is a less expensive similar version to the Too Face Melted Liquid Lipsticks.

Lastly, I got some shampoo for cleaning my brushes and a little brush cleaner. The brush cleaner looked a lot bigger online, but it's tiny. It'd be perfect for smaller brushes, say like eyeshadow, but for bigger face brushes, it's far too small. The shampoo is OK, it does take the product out of the brush, but after a few goes. 

So that's all the bit's I've gotten so far from Make Up Revolution. They're easily accessible, they're in a lot of Superdrug stores, and online with international delivery from 
I'm trying to slowly get back into more regular blog posts, so apologies for the delay, and also the poorly taken photos. I'll get better! 
Have you tried any Make Up Revolution Products? 
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx


  1. That's a great haul, I haven't ordered anything from them yet which is a bit mad!

    Makeup Monster

    1. I think if you were to try anything I'd recommend the blush palette! Everything else was ok but didn't leave me jumping for joy really! The new palette that BritishBeautyBlogger released with them looks fab too though!