Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints

As I haven mentioned before on this little slice of the Internet, I have collected an insane amount of nail polish. Most of it being drugstore with the exception of a couple of bottles of Nails Inc that I picked up at bargain prices in TK Maxx. I'm not fussy, if I like the colour I'll buy it, simple as that. Today though, I thought I'd talk about the one brand that has impressed me much that I've kept going back for more, and so have ended up with quite a few, all in the same formula. They are the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes to be exact, and if  you've never heard of them then leave. NOW. Hehe, only joking, but seriously though, you must give them a try!

So what's the point of them you ask? Well basically, they give the effect of a gel manicure, without having to go to a beautician and stick your nails under a UV lamp and all that jazz! As Barry M say themselves 'a highly pigmented, chip resistant formula. Gives a glossy gel-like finish with a single coat'.
So for 5.99 its possible to get a professional looking gel manicure! Hooray!
I have to say while they are very pigmented, some are more than others. For example the colours Lychee and Dragon that I have pictured below are lighter colours, so seem to take an extra coat  to look more opaque! Most of them though are opaque in one coat, but for me I'm used to wearing two coats of any nail polish, so I just apply two out of habit, but it makes them last a day or two more without chipping, so that's something to consider, especially as these are so glossy a top coat isn't really needed! The formula is a little bit thicker given that its a gel formula, and it applies relatively easy. The only thing I'm not sure about is the brush. I recently picked up Dragon and Key Lime, and it could just be me but the brush seems to be a lot thinner or something. But still it applies fairly easily as long as the brush isn't overloaded, otherwise it just goes everywhere, and that ain't a pretty sight!
So with all that out of the way I'm going to show you the colours I have!

Blueberry: A really pretty light almost pastel blue colour. I haven't given this much love lately and that will have to change soon because its such an unusual colour and it looks so pretty on the nails!

Blue Grape: This is the total opposite to the last one in that its a really deep royal blue shade, and again one that deserves more love from me. For some reason I feel more like a winter shade, which is crazy because I think it would look brilliant on the toenails with a deep tan! (Which I will never have, sigh) :(

Key Lime: As you can see, its a really bright in your face green colour. I'm not really sure how I feel about it to be honest. I look at it one day and say oh ya that's really nice, and then the next day I hate it and want to take it off straight away! However though there's no denying its a great Summer colour, I think it'll look especially great with a tan, or if you think its a bit much for the fingernails, it'll look fantastic on your toenails!

Dragon: This is such a pretty girly shade, I love it so much I can see myself wearing it quite a lot over the Summer, if it ever gets here that is! It is a nice bright pink, but at the same time, I think its something you can get away with in the work place without it looking too mental. Both these colours make me so excited for holidays and beaches and cocktails!

Greenberry: This is my favourite out of the bunch by far. I love green, more or less any shade of it, and this is one I've gotten so much wear out of, as you can see from the messy bottle! Its a turquoise green, that nearly leans towards neon its that bright! But that's why I like it, its a shade that just makes me think of warmer weather.

Lychee: Lastly, my least favourite of the bunch. Its a nude shade that has been raved about online, but it just does nothing for me because I'm so pale it just makes my hands look ghostly. I think I shall be sticking with pinky nudes from now on!

Have you lovely ladies tried any of these polishes? What other shades should I try?

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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