Friday, 25 April 2014

Derma V10 Cleansing Milk

I ran out of my favourite Lancome Cleansing Milk before I went away last week, and for the sake of packing, I didn't want to be bringing a huge bottle of micellar water and a hot cloth cleanser with me, so I decided for the week that was in it I'd make do with one cleanser instead. I opted for something cheap and cheerful and picked up this Derma V10 Deep Cleansing Milk in Tesco for 1.99 as I'd heard of the brand and figured it would be grand. It contains Sweet Almond Oil, and is free of parabens and other nastys. All this sounded so good to me I didn't think twice about it and packed it in my toiletry bag without even trying it before I went away. Which I really really should have!

This stuff just did not work for me at all! I used it twice a day, morning and nighttime. Nighttime it was OK because it just took off my makeup really, but in the morning when I was giving my skin a freshening up it just left this greasy residue across my face, and even trying to wipe of the excess with cottonpads didn't work, because the cotton pads just stuck to it, leaving my face covered in bits of fluff! This residue that was left behind also made it fairly hard for me to carry on with my skincare routine and my eye cream and moisturiser didn't work as well as they should have, in my opinion. For the week I was there and using this, my boyfriend also commented on how patchy and streaky my make up was, and I figured it had to be bad for him to comment on it, because he never comments on my make up, ever. The only thing I had changed up in my routine was my cleanser, so the only thing I can put the change in how my make up looked was down to that. Maybe its unfair of me to do so, but I honestly can't think of any other reasons, considering as soon as I came home and went back to using a micellar water until I picked up another cleanser, I have had no problems with streaky make up. Overall its not the end of the world, it was only cheap, but I just couldn't be bothered to bring it home because I knew I wasn't going to use it again so I left it at the hotel (hence the lack of pictures), so its either gone straight in the bin or maybe the cleaning lady has found a new holy grail cleanser! :P
All in all it just wasn't for me, and I have since purchased a new Garnier cleansing milk to try, but if you have any other suggestions, please let me know!
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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