Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Glam Glow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment

Everyone and their mother has heard of Glam Glow, and beauty bloggers and You Tubers alike have been singing it's praises for years. But I could never justify the price tag, until on a recent trip to the Aladdin's Cave that is TK Maxx, I found it for the insane price of 24.99! Sure for that price I'd have been mental to not give it a go. (It's usual price tag is around the 50 euro mark for the 50ml jar). There's a few different versions of GlamGlow, depending on what you're skin type is, and what result's you want from a face mask, but the one I picked up (mainly because it's the only one that was there) was the Thirsty Mud treatment. My skin used to be fairly dry and sensitive, but in recent years it's seemed to change to more combination, but I would get dry skin on occasion, usually after wearing a heavy foundation, or else after a night on the tiles and a few drinks. So I figured it wouldn't hurt to have this in my collection.

 First off I love the packaging. It comes in a sealed  cardboard box with all the details off the product on it, so you know what you're getting.When you open the box up it contains all the information you need about the product and all the way's in which you can use the mask, which is handy if you're a newbie! The jar is exactly what you'd expect from such a luxurious product. Glass, strong and sturdy.
So what exactly is Thirsty Mud?

Well, here's what the folk over at GlamGlow HQ have to say about it.
What is isA nondrying hydration mask to deliver instant, extreme hydration.
What it is formulated to do: THIRSTYMUD™ uses the newest, most advanced, and extreme hydration active technologies. It moisturises, restores, replenishes, and calms the skin. Dewdration™ boosts and locks in moisture for a dewy and youthful result while HydraPack™ leaves skin with an instant silky, soft, and supple feel. GreenEnergy™ smooths and energises the skin, giving you a healthy-looking, glowing complexion.
 Free From: 
 - Parabens
- Sulfates 
- Phthalates

The texture is not what I expected at all. I genuinely thought it was going to be a  mask that would harden and dry out, as most of the others are, but this was more like a cream, or a gel texture, which I suppose makes sense when you think about it as it's a hydrating treatment, so a mask that dried out wouldn't really do the intended job. It also smells really nice, kind of like coconut or something similar. 
It is recommended you use this mask 2 to 3 mask's when needed, and to leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes, allowing the product to absorb into the skin. Glamglow also recommend wiping off with a tissue and then massaging the remaining product into the skin, but eh, how can you do that if you've wiped it off? Bit of a contradiction in itself there isn't it
But my preferred way to use it is on clean dry skin, after a shower when I'm heading for bed and leaving it on overnight. By the time I get up the next morning my skin feels completely different and nowhere near as dehydrated as it was before!  
Overall, this is a great product that I think when used regularly enough will help my skin stay hydrated and in good knick, I know I should be drinking a lot more water, but I just never do. 
I would really like to try more from the range, but I don't think I'd run out and buy them at full price, maybe if  I was to find some more bargain's in TK Maxx I would give more a go. :P 
However, if you are in the market for a good hydrating face mask and the GlamGlow is out of your price range, there's a great one by the No7 brand that is brilliant also, and it's only 16 euro! 

Have any of you tried any of the GlamGlow range? 
What would you recommend? 
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xx

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  1. I definitely think I need to give this a go, especially with winter coming!