Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Blank Canvas Master Series Palette 1 Palette

Hey Ladies!
!Today I'm here to talk about a palette that's a new enough release, but at the same time I've had it a decent length of time to be able to give my thought's on it! It's the Blank Canvas Master Series Palette 1 Palette.
It's an eyeshadow palette made up of 12 warm toned neutral eyeshadows, 11 being matte, and 1 a gorgeous shimmery highlight shade.
First off apologies for the fact I've used the palette before I've taken pictures!

To start we'll look at the packaging. It comes encased in a cardboard sleeve, which has the name of the palette on the front, and all the shades on the back. The actual palette itself is made up of a harder what would seem more sturdy cardboard with a decent sized mirror, which would be great for travel. It does seem sturdy enough, so while I'd say it would get grubby easily enough, I can't imagine it breaking.
As with most palettes, this one does come with a brush, the double ended E40/E41 Tapered Crease Blender/Smudger. (I didn't take a proper picture of this on it's own as it's a bit dirty)The difference being though, that this brush is actually of good quality, but then again it would want to be considering the company making it are a well known brush company!
The palette itself is like nothing I've had before, which is the main reason I bought it, I genuinely didn't have any warm toned shadows in my collection at all! I can't praise the shadows enough. They're nicely pigmented, really soft and easy to blend with not a lot of fall out.

                                              Lily, Goddess and Core (You can't really see this)

                                                          Hibiscus, Brazin and Carmin

                                                   Cocoa, Downtown, and Forza

                                                            Hickory. Strut, Corruption

Lily and Goddess are the two lightest shades, which are great for either highlighting under the eye, or even to use as a base for other eyeshadow looks.
So far I've used all but one shade, and that's the darkest shade of the bunch Corruption. I don't know what it is, but I never tend to use the really dark shades as I never really do a really smokey eye (well if I do one it's a total accident :P)
The shades I do tend to use a lot more than the others are Core,  which is a great base for any eye look no matter if you're going smokey or nice and natural; Hibiscus, Brazen, and Carmin, and also Forza and Strut get a good bit of use too. Can you see a theme? It's all the lighter toned brown shades! I just find these particular colours quite quick and easy to use, as I'm not that creative when it comes to creating eye looks. I mean I do try my hardest and to try to blend and use crease shades and all that, but I'm just not that talented! So with the particular colours above, a lot of them can be used to create a nice look without having to do too much work!
The only negative I have about this palette is the fact that no matter what primer I use, it won't stay on my eyelids. I've a tried a couple of different ones, and it just makes no difference!
It looks fabulous when I apply first, but as the day goes on it just seems to wear away!
So while I do love the palette, and will continue to use it, can anyone recommend a decent primer for me to try in the hope that it'll keep the shadows on my eyes?
The palette is 34.99 and at the moment is out of stock on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website, but they are expecting it back in early May!
Have you tried this palette yet??
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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