Tuesday, 26 April 2016

PS Love Matte Lip Crayons

Hello ladies, today I'm back with a bargain buy, in the form of the PS Love Matte Lip Crayons. In case you haven't heard of the brand PS Love before, it's Penney's or Primark's own brand. Penney's have always done bit's and pieces of make up, but to be honest I never thought to even try them. Until recently when they seem to have given the range a  bit of a revamp, and added a lot of products.  I think I may have shown these in a previous post on a few bit's that I picked up, but it's only recently that I've gotten to properly try the Matte Lip Crayon's, so I thought I'd give ye all my thought's.
The packaging is very sleek and professional looking, for something that it so reasonably priced. The cap and the bottom of the pencil is the same colour as the product, and they are exactly the same, you know how sometimes the product and the colour on the outside don't match up 100 percent.

                                                       L-R: Red. Hot Pink, Light Brown

                          So I have them in three shades, Hot Pink, Light Brown, and Red.

 Hot Pink is gorgeous, a nice bright pink. It's going to be lovely in the Summer with a tan! I think it's my favourite out of the bunch.
 Light Brown is again a lovely colour, it's the nearest I'll get to a Kylie Jenner Lip. In the bullet it has a slightly pinkish hue to it, but when I apply it to my lips it has more a grey/purple tone, which at first I wasn't sure if I liked or not, but the more I've worn it, the more I like it!
The Red shade is the one that hasn't got a look in so far! I love red's and how they look on others, but on me I'm just not sure I can pull them off! However, I think I'll try and break out of my comfort zone in Summer. This shade is more of an orange red rather than a full on red, so it may not be as intimidating!

Top-Bottom: Hot Pink,Red,Light Brown.

                                                                Light Brown on the lips

                                                         Hot Pink on the lips

These are really to apply also, with the shape of the bullet, you get a precise line to be able to go
without liner, and they're also really creamy too. There's no pulling or dragging on application, and they're so comfortable on the lips, unlike a lot of matte lip products. Longevity wise, they do ok. I applied this on Sunday morning about 11.30 am, and after 2 cups of tea, a slice of rhubarb tart, a diet coke and burger and chips in Mcdonalds, I was still left with pretty decent colour pay off on my lips!
The only tiny problem I have with these is that the product somehow becomes a bit loose from the packaging and kind of moves upwards, so I'm afraid it may fall out. But then again, for 2.50 it's not a huge issue and you could just buy another one! Cheap as chips!
I know there's a lot of talk around the PS Love Range, and some people think that there's a lot of jumping on bandwagons, but I genuinely love this product. If I was to point you towards anything from them, I'd say definitely try these, you won't be disappointed!
Now if only they'd release more shades!
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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