Sunday, 18 May 2014

Catrice Liquid Metal Single Shadow in Gold N Roses

Over recent months I've developed an obsession with Rose Gold. I bought a ridiculous amount of rose gold jewelry (cheap costume jewelry  of course), my lovely parents got me a watch as a gift, and I went on a hunt for the perfect Rose Gold nail polish, (I think I found it, its a Max Factor one). I then picked up the Naked 3 palette, and while I love that don't get me wrong, I still felt I was missing a true Rose Gold eyeshadow, mental eh? But while I was in Penneys the other day, I wandered over to the Catrice stand as I always do and left with The One. Pretty big statement right? But look at it! If that's not the perfect Rose Gold shade I don't know what is!

The Catrice Liquid Metal shadow's are highly pigmented shadows, which have a super metallic finish, which come in a range of colours, to suit either day wear or night wear. The embossment of these is so cool aswell. Its almost like 3D snakeskin!

Application is so easy with these aswell, the formula is fantastic, so pigmented and creamy. I tend to use this on its own for day wear as its just so pretty, but I'm sure it'll look great blended with other shadows for other looks, (I'm not that creative).
Altogether there's 9 shades in the range, and at around 4/5 euro each, you can afford to have them all in your collection! ;)

Have you tried these?
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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