Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I must admit, I didn't get very excited about the release of either Naked 1 or Naked 2. They were neutral shadows and I didn't feel like splashing out 40 euro on browns and golds. I picked up the MUA Undressed and Undress Me Too as they were the most obvious dupes at the time, and they did and to this day still do the job fantastically well for palettes that cost me just 4 pounds each. The Naked 3 though, was a completely different story. As soon as I saw the pictures that had leaked on to the Internet I was willing it to be true, as it was just so pretty, and completely me. So I knew, at some stage, whenever it would be, that it would be mine. And now it is, so lets see how I got on with it!
First of all the packaging, I totally love the look of it. The shadows themselves are encased in a Rose Gold almost tin like case, with what seems like slight waves going through it. On opening the palette though it doesn't feel the most sturdy. It feels like if I were to let if fall, (which is highly possible with clumsy old me),that the case itself would just break in two, which shouldn't be with something that's not exactly cheap. I may have just got a dud case, who knows, but anyway its not highly important, just something to be aware of.
The actual eyeshadows themselves, I seriously love. All pink toned neutrals, varying from light highlight shades, perfect for under the brow bone and inner corner,  to darker shades which are perfect for crease work and blending out into the outer V.
The shades in the palette are as follows:
  • Strange: (Matte), 
  • Dust (Shimmer)
  • Burnout (Shimmer)
  • Limit: (Matte)
  • Buzz: (Shimmer)
  • Trick: (Shimmer 
  • Nooner: (Matte)
  • Liar: (Shimmer)
  • Factory: (Shimmer)
  • Mugshot: (Shimmer)
  • Darkside: (Matte)
  • Blackhorse: (Shimmer)
Everything I've read about Urban Decay shadows, I 100 percent agree with. Soft, buttery, and so easy to blend. I'm not very good at doing elaborate eye looks, but with this palette and the easiness with which the shadows blend, I'm giving it a good go at least! The only slight problem is the fallout from the shimmery shadows. This problem isn't exclusive to UD shadows however, as it occurs with most other shimmery shadows that I've tried. But aslong as you do your eye make up before your foundation etc, its not too much of an issue. I have to say I'm really impressed with the mattes in the palette. I tend to use shimmery shadow's more often, because they tend to be more pigmented and last longer on me. The mattes in this though are really good, and actually are full of pigment and don't fade away after just a few hours. I particularly love using Nooner as a  quick all over the lid colour for every day. 
But I really really fell head over heels for the shimmers within the palette. When they're applied on to the eyes I think they just look beautiful. My particular favourites are Dust, and Buzz, and used individually they just give a lovely wash of colour to the lids. If I'm going on a night out or to an occasion, and I want my eye make up to look a bit more 'done', I tend to go for the darker shades, say Factory and Mugshot, with a bit of Blackheart blended into the Outer V and it gives a really lovely effect, it looks like you've put in loads of effort, when in reality its only taken a couple of minutes. 
Another thing I am so impressed with is the brush that comes with it, there's a flat side perfect for packing on colour, and a larger fluffier brush which is great for blending. It actually works really well, but then again when its a higher ended brand and you're parting with the guts of 50 euro, they can't really give you one of those sponge applicators now can they? 
It also  comes with some samples of the various Primer Potions that UD do, I've only used one of them so far, but to be honest I found it didn't prolong the wear of the shadows a whole lot, but I only used a small bit at a time,  so that could be why.
Overall, I am genuinely delighted that I bought this, and am not in anyway disappointed with the purchase. I know its a lot of money to spend on eyeshadow, but I thought about it long and hard before I bought it, and I saved up for it, so I don't feel too bad. If you like me fell for the pink hues of this, but don't want to spend that amount of money, ,then Make Up Revolution have released what is reported to be a very good dupe of Naked 3, for just 4 pounds! (They also have so many other amazing products that I shall definitely be checking out soon) ;)

Have you any of the Naked Palettes?
Which is your favourite?
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

                                       Swatches with flash...

                                         Swatches without flash...


  1. While I do love all my Nakeds, my go-to is Naked 2. I find the shades of Naked 3 to apply to similarly, so it's more a matter of cool or warm pinks and dimension, whereas Naked 1 leans warmer than I like most days. And I love me a bt of shimmer, so Naked Basics, while handy, and definetely one that should be in everyone's stash anyways,to me, it is more of a complimentary palette to whichever of the larger shades might be one's fave.

  2. I'm the same Siri, love the shimmers! I find mattes too flat or something! Still would be tempted by the Naked Basics though! :)