Wednesday, 19 March 2014

NYX Wishlist

Ok I have to apologise, but my trip away is getting closer and closer, and because of this, my shopping list is getting longer and longer. Oops! With Inglot, Mac and Sephora at my disposal in Times Square I am going to be up to my neck in high end make up. However, sad as it may seem, I'm more excited about drugstore make up, a lot of which we can't get here. I'm not going to do a wish list for every single brand I want to buy bits from, but I thought I'd do a post on NYX, mainly because its so hyped up here, and also for the fact its not readily accessible. So no matter what happens, I'm not coming home without NYX make up!! :)

First up is probably the most obvious one of all, the Butter Lip Glosses. Raved about by beauty bloggers across the globe for being non sticky, super pigmented, and smelling delicious, I will definitely be picking up a couple of shades of these to try out!

Next up is the HD Eyeshadow base. I've actually had this before and I loved it! Any time I used it my eyeshadow did not budge, but unfortunately I tried to buy it from the site I had bought it from previously and it wasn't there!! NOOOOO!! So I shall definitely be stocking up on this when I get to a stand! :)

I'm useless at contouring. Like absolutely useless. I'm just so pale I can never seem to get a right shade of bronzer that's not too orange on my Casper white face. So seen as the Powder Blush in Taupe is meant to be the perfect contour shade for paler ladies like myself, I'll be giving it a try. And maybe one or two other shades, just for the blog of course. ;)

I'm a blush fiend ok?? The newly released Baked Blushes just look so beautiful I have to give them a go? It would be rude not to... Wouldn't it?

And lastly, a base. I don't hear a lot about NYX base products for some reason, but this Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation sounds really interesting. It claims to offer full coverage, but with a natural looking finish! I don't have hugely problematic skin, but I'd love to try this for days I get really bad breakouts, which to tend to happen once a month... :(

There is lots more I could add to this list, and being truthful, when I get to a stand I will probably buy loads more than this! But for now this is what I definitely have my eye on, and will go to hell and back to make sure I get them!

Have you tried any NYX?
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx


  1. I have never tried anything NYX! I'd love to try their blushes!

  2. Haven't tried anything from NYX but now I want to!

  3. I know Grace I think the blushes and the lip products are the things I really want to try! :)
    Nickki the only thing I've tried is the eye primer so I can't wait to try a few more bits! I've heard rumours proper stands are meant to be coming to Ireland this year!! :)

  4. I'm after the taupe contour shade too - feeling a bit bored of all my bronzers at the moment.

    Hope you enjoy 'em when you get 'em!