Friday, 28 March 2014

March Favourites:

Its hard to believe another month has just flown by in the blink of an eye! Madness isn't it! Anyway, all that 'OMG, where is time going' stuff, March was a really good month for me, product wise. I discovered some absolute gems this month that I have absolutely and genuinely loved. You may think I'm exaggerating, but you know its true love when you use a product every single day since you got it! Beauty Addicts are you with me???

The first thing I've been absolutely loving is a BB Cream from Lidl. Yes you read that right, Lidl. Its part of their Orisis range that they brought out recently, but it disappears fairly fast off the shelves. (Its back in store for Mother's Day now if you're interested.) But anyway, this stuff is AMAZING. Its light and it feels really cool and refreshing on my skin and gives a decent amount of coverage. It makes me go from looking like I've just gotten out of bed to bright eyed and bushy tailed in seconds! It comes in 2 colours, light and medium. I'm as pale as Casper, and can sometimes find colour matching difficult, but the light shade is perfect for me. And the best bit? Its only 2.99! I'm genuinely so impressed with this, its been my go to base for more or less every day this month.

Next up is a skincare product. Skincare isn't something that I would have been too bothered about before, but in the last couple of months I've been trying harder, as I'm slowly but surely heading for the wrong side of 25. And they say prevention is better than cure! Its Tesco's Pro Formula Hot Cloth Cleanser. This stuff is the best cleanser I've used so far. Hot Cloth cleansers are all the rage in the beauty world lately, so I decided to give one a go. And I'm glad I did! It literally takes every scrap of make up off my face. I even used a micellar solution after it incase there was some make up left on my face, but there was zero!! It was a bargain price of 6.50 and it even came with a little muslin cloth aswell. I find this very rough for my face though so I'll be buying a couple of softer cloths to use with it instead. But its well worth it and I shall definitely repurchase this!

Spring finally seemed to appear in March, and I got so excited I gave my make up bag a good shake up for the sun. This Sleek Blush Trio in Lace has been on my face more or less all month. With 3 differing shades of coral in the palette its perfect for sunny days and evenings. It just makes me feel happy and excited for Summer, and if I were to go on a sun holiday this is something I would definitely pack. These are also great value at around 10 euro for 3 blush shades! Can't go wrong with that! :)

I eventually gave in and picked up the Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick in Just Peachy. I had been eyeing it up for ages, and although at 2.99 it wasn't going to break the bank, I just wasn't sure the shade was going to suit me. However, I bought it and I'm so glad I did. Its such a beautiful shade of peach, and it doesn't wash me out like I thought it would. Its rare that I wear the same lipstick every day for more or less a month, but for March this is all I've worn.

Because the weather has been so good, I've gone back to my trusty Roger And Gallet Fleur De Figeur as my scent for March. This has gotten me so many compliments over the last few weeks. Its one of those scents that is beautifully sweet and fruity, but not in an immature or teenage way. Its slowly but surely making its way to the bottom of the bottle though, so a repurchase will definitely be on the cards at some point. Its also available in a small bottle and a big bottle, and they're very inexpensive. The bigger size is 39.99 so its not expensive in comparison to other perfumes.

And lastly, I've been obsessed with statement jewelry. Anything big and colourful specifically. This one is a recent purchase from Penney's that I absolutely adore. I love mint green anyway, and teamed with the coral and the pearls its perfect to brighten up a plain outfit. And it was only 8 euro!

So that my dears is March's favourites!
Anything here that you've tried?

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx


  1. I love the BB cream as well by the way Euro2 sells the same one if you can't get it in Lidl. xx

  2. Its so good isn't it! That's great thanks for the heads up, its good to know! :) xx