Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Top Yankee Candle Scents

Its pretty much a blogger cliche to have an obsession with candles. I have to admit I love candles, and some of my favourite video's to watch on YouTube are Bath and Bodyworks hauls, even though we can't buy them here! I know, I'm a strange girl. Saying that, we can access Yankee Candles a lot easier this side of the pond, so incase you live under a rock and never tried said candles, I'm going to share with you today my personal favourite smells! There's a variety of size candles to choose from, there's small jars, medium and large. Now I still live at home, and I don't spend a lot of time in my room, so I wouldn't be able to burn jars for the length of time necessary. However, they also do little wax tarts which when placed in a burner, melt with the heat of the flame of a tealight, and throw the scent around the room or wherever you burn it like you wouldn't believe! So this is the method I use. They are also priced at only 1.50 euro, and if you're burning it in a small space you can cut them in half and get more value for money that way, which is always a good thing!
So here are my top picks!

First up is Fireside Treats. This smells so good I could almost eat it, if it wasn't a pile of wax. This smells exactly what 'Smores' would taste like, sweet like marshmallows but yet with the smokiness of the camp fire! Yummy! Its a sweet scent but not one that's overly sickly.

Vanilla Lime: If you love the scent of Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush then you'll love this just as much. I would even go as far to say as it smells like a Margarita or some other really fruity cocktail! It has the slight subtle scent of vanilla, which stops the lime scent from being too over powering. Its just such a nice fresh scent which I think would be perfect for burning in a kitchen, especially after you've been cooking to eliminate odours such as onions and the likes.

Pink Dragonfruit: I've never heard of a dragonfruit. In fact I don't even know if it is even a real fruit. But this is just a really beautiful fruity scent. Its super sweet though, so probably best to avoid if you don't like anything too sweet. I don't even know what kind of fruit to compare it to, but from the scent itself, it smells like the type of  really juicy fruit that you would sink your teeth into and end up with juice all over the place! So in other words, really juicy.

Salted Caramel:  Are you all noticing a pattern here with all the foodie scents? Hmm, me too. Anyway, if you haven't smelt this, then go do it like right now! This smells like homemade caramel, plain and simple, with a little tiny dash of salt thrown in there, just for taste. Its delicious! And everytime I smell it, it makes me wish I could bake, purely just so I could make caramel. Someday though! This is another one I think would be good for kitchens or a larger space, as I think its too sweet for smaller rooms.

Baby Powder: And to finish, a non food one! This is new born baby smell. It is divine! And every time I smell this it just makes me picture a tiny baby wrapped up in blankets that smells so clean and innocent. This is probably the most inoffensive scent of them all, as its really mild. So if you're the type of person who's very sensitive to stronger scents then maybe give this a try, as its not too in your face, and it doesn't throw too much of a scent.

So they are some of my favourite scents. I could go on and on forever as so many of them smell fantastic but I think you'd all get bored fairly quickly! The best advice I can give is just go to a Yankee Candle shop and sniff sniff sniff! The staff in my local store in Galway are so friendly and always on hand to help if you need it, and there is more than likely always offers of some sort on in store. If you're nowhere near a store then you can buy online also from HERE.

Have you any personal favourites? If so tell me, I always love to try new smells!

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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