Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sephora Wishlist

So last week Twitter was set alight with the news that Sephora now delivers to the UK. This is good news for all us Irish ladies aswell because thanks to the fantastic service that is Parcel Motel, we can also shop till we drop. Apparently there is a flat rate of 10 pounds for delivery for orders over 75 pounds, so if there was a couple of friends that also wanted a few bits then you could always go together and deliver would work out cheap as chips. Sephora have said that there won't be any customs charges, but I don't know is that for them. But still, we can shop in Sephora now! Woohoo!
Anyway, this news didn't really make any difference to me, because in 6 weeks time I shall be in New York, so I can actually go into a Sephora, and touch and see and swatch to my hearts content!
I have been eyeing up the website frequently to see what bits I'm going to get, and these are the products I've narrowed it down to. However all of these may not be possible as Sephora is more on the high end side, but we'll see. ;)

First of all is the Naked 3 palette. I've been thinking about this for ages now, but am yet to give in to the hype. There's something about the pink tones that are just calling out to me!

Next up is the Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion Lip Ink: I've heard great things about Sephora's own brand products and this Lip Ink looks really interesting. From the description it seems to be similar to the YSL Glossy Stains, but for a lot less money! Also, how cute is the test tube like packaging?

It wouldn't be a trip to the States without picking up an Amazonian Clay Blush from Tarte. Every beauty blogger across the globe has raved about these, and apparently the shade Exposed is great as a contour colour for fair skin. I'm akin to Casper the Friendly Ghost, and I can't contour to save my life, so this could be just what I need to get myself in gear to practice it a bit more.

Another really hyped up product is the famous Beauty Blender. Ok so this in reality is just a really expensive make up sponge, but after trying  and loving the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, and another copy of the BB that I picked up in TK Maxx, I just have to try this and see is it really worth it.

I've been wanting to try a full coverage foundation for ages, but haven't been able to find anything decent in the drug store, but the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation is meant to have exceptional coverage, and as its not available here I may be tempted to pick it up on my holiers! Its also a bit less expensive than some of the other more high end offerings, so that means more money to spend!

And last but by no means least is the Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush.  Apparently Sephora brushes are phenomenal, but browsing the site I didn't really see any that I liked. However, this brush from Tarte looks extremely sturdy with its bamboo handle, and it just looks like it would buff in foundation to perfection!

There was lots more I could really have added to this post, but I dread even seeing what these bits have added up to! But by the time I get around to going to New York I may have won the Lotto so I may be able to afford all these! ;)

Have any of you ordered from the Sephora site yet?
Have you been in Sephora?

Thanks for reading!
Alisha xxx


  1. I just want everything Tarte! And Kat Von D! The shipping charges still seems a little expensive to me though, unless you are spending the £75.00 but they of course add tax on top of that.

  2. I know the feeling, there was so much stuff I could have added to the list! I'm thinking though I'll be good in Sephora and buy loads more in the drugstore instead like Milani and Cover Girl :)