Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipsticks

Happy Paddy's weekend everybody! I hope you are all well and happy and enjoying whatever you're up to! I'm back today with a review of another product from Wet N Wild, and this time its their Mega Last Lipsticks!

I had heard so much about the lipsticks from various bloggers, so I had actually been planning on picking some up when I got to the States, (4 weeks to go woohoo) but when Wet N Wild arrived here I breathed a sigh of relief. Now I could buy myself some of these famous lipsticks, while at the same time freeing up some room in my suitcase for lots more make up! Win Win! :)
So before I tell you what I think, I'll tell you what the brand themselves say about their product.

'This 4 hour, long-wearing lip colour, leaves a semi-matte, creme finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich velvety colour that doesn't cake, feather or bleed.'

While I do like these a lot, I don't agree with the blurb completely. I find application to be slightly difficult as the lipstick actually pulls at the lips when putting it on. So glides on? Me don't think so! However once its on its a completely different story altogether! The product itself is so comfortable when its on! Its so creamy in my opinion it doesn't feel like a lipstick! I often find myself mushing my lips together like I would if I had a lip balm on, because I honestly can't believe that its so comfortable to wear! Another great thing about these is that they last ages after being applied. I've eaten and drank while wearing these lipsticks, and although they do transfer a little bit, you're not left with all your lipstick on the side of a glass and none on your lips! I find they last maybe 4 to 5 hours on me without being topped up, but even if it didn't I wouldn't mind, because I don't have an issue with reapplying lip products throughout the day. I do notice that after wearing the lipstick for some time, my lips do eventually feel a little bit dry, but nothing that a dab of lip balm won't sort out.
Although they aren't a completely matte finish, they do cling to dry patches (I found out the hard way, so do make sure your lips are prepped before use.

                                 L-R: Rose Bud, Red Velvet, Just Peachy, Smokin Hot Pink, Mauve Outta Here

I have five of these in total and the colours I have are:
  • Red Velvet which is a bright almost coral red. Its a beautiful shade and although its one I don't go to every day, I know its one I'll reach for in the Summertime quite a lot as it'll be gorgeous with a tan, be it fake or real. ;)
  • Just Peachy This is a shade I just picked up recently, but it's fast becoming my favourite colour altogether! Its a lovely peach shade, which I didn't think would suit me too much, but its so nice on!  Its what I thought Rimmel's Apocalips in the shade Luna was going to be, but so much more at the same time. Since I bought this its the only lip product I've worn every day since, I just love it so much! 
  • Rose-Bud I picked this up prior to Just Peachy, because I thought this would be more suitable for my skin tone as it was slightly darker. This looks like a dark peach kind of nude shade in the bullet (great descriptions I know), but when its on my lips it nearly looks more brown. I'm not saying I don't like it, because it is a very weareable shade, its just not my favourite of the bunch. 
  • Mauve Outta here is a really wearable mauve pink shade. Its a great every day shade, and is something I just throw on if  I'm feeling lazy but want to wear something on my lips! As they say in the beauty blogging world its a 'your lips but better shade' ;)
  • Smoking Hot Pink is last, but by no means least. I left it until last because I haven't actually worn this yet, but what I can tell you is its a bright blue toned pink which I think will be a nice alternative to the dark winter shades for nights out! 

So they are all I have for now, but I have to say there's a couple other shades catching my eye, Sugar Plum Fairy being one of them (its meant to be dupe for MAC'S Rebel). These are great lipsticks for the price, which is ridiculous at only 2.99! However, you get what you pay for in the line of packaging. Packaging never usually bothers me with products unless its impractical in some way, which in this instance it is. The lipstick itself doesn't twist down all the way, so every time you take the lid on and off the product, it nicks the lipstick leaving big marks in the product which is a bit of a pain. Besides that though, I'm seriously in love with these. It just shows that you don't have to pay big money for a good quality product, and with so many shades to choose from (26 in total on Wet N Wild's website, not sure if they all made it over here), you will more than likely find a couple of MAC dupes. 

Have you lovely ladies tried these? If so, what's your favourite?
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx


  1. I haven't tried these yet! They look amazing, especially at that price!

  2. So good! And so inexpensive too! I might get them all, for that price you can't really go wrong!

  3. Great reading, I managed to bags some of the eyeshadow palettes but wanted to read about the lippies before picking some up!xx

  4. The eyeshadow's are great too aren't they! The lippies are so good, you defo have to try! :) xx