Friday, 21 March 2014

Rimmel Match Perfection Blush

Hey everyone, happy Friday! Today I'm back with a review of something in my collection that I absolutely LOVE, but I haven't seen too much talk about it in the blogosphere, so I thought I'd change that with my little opinion!

It is  the Rimmel Match Perfection Blush in 01 Light. It is part of the Match Perfection line  from Rimmel that is made up of a number of other products, including the well known Match Perfection Foundation, Concealer, and Powder.
First of all for me the packaging isn't great. Its the same as the Stay Matte powder, the product is encased in a plastic bottom, and its a plastic lid the screws on to protect the product from getting damaged. I've had no problems with it yet, but I would be afraid to pop it in my handbag as the last time I brought something similar to this packaging in my handbag, my bag got destroyed! But as it's a drugstore product, I won't dwell to much on the packaging, just something to be aware of! :)
The product itself is made up of 2 shades of blush although online it says 3, but I can only see 2, which can be used seperately or together. My preferred method of use is to grab my Real Techniques Blush Brush, swirl the colours together and then pop on to my cheeks. I find it gives a really nice natural flush of colour to the cheeks, which is what Rimmel say in their blurb for the product anyway. I was having a look on the Boot's site just to see the general consensus on the product, and some people seemed disappointed because they say it has very little colour pay-off, but if you look at the colours in the pan, they are very muted, understated colours, which is why I like it. It goes with any make up look. For the day time its perfect if you're just popping to the shop for a few bits and don't want to go ott with your face, for the night time its perfect if you're going out and are going for something a bit heavier, say a smokey eye and a red lip, because it instantly just adds a pop of colour to the cheeks, without distracting from the main elements of the look! The powder itself is nice, I find it easy to apply and blend, and no fall out, which can often happen with a blush after tapping your brush into it.
I had been intending to use this today and to take a picture to show you all what it looks like, but I had my make up done when I realised I'd used another blush! Sorry guys! :( I will add in a picture the next  time I use it though promise!
Overall I really love it, but if you're someone who likes noticeable colour on your cheeks, then I would probably give this a miss! But if  you are like me and sometimes like to look a bit more natural but don't want to skip out on the blush then do give it a try! Its only around the 6 or 7 euro mark so you can't go wrong.
Its available from all usual Rimmel stockists! :)

Thanks for reading everyone,
Alisha xxx


  1. I'm only getting into wearing blush lately, always thought it was to extenuate girls with rosy cheeks. I picked up one of the blushes from the Wet'n'Wild collection and its quite subtle just like this. Thanks for giving me another option, I'm still quite nervous of going bolder with colours :)

  2. Aww I love blush, I don't feel done without it! But then again I never wear bronzer because I just always look orange! :) I love subtle blush though rather than bright ones! Benefit's Dandelion is another lovely natural one if you ever want to treat yourself to a higher end blush :)