Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Essence Lipsticks

I am a sucker for budget products. Give me a large quantity of budget friendly items instead of one higher end product and I'm happy out. Especially when it turns out that the products in question are actually good!
And that's the case with these newly released lipsticks from Essence. I'm not 100 percent certain if they are an altogether newly released product, or if they are just a reformulated product from before, but either way these lipsticks are fantastic from such a pocket friendly brand!

I picked up the lipsticks in 3 shades: Cotton Candy, which is a nice bright pink, Natural Beauty which is a pinkish nude, and my favourite of the bunch, Wear Berry as its perfect for the autumnal season!
Everything about these lipsticks is just lovely, the packaging, the colours, and even the actual design of the lipstick, how cute is that little e design on the lipsticks itself! For people that don't like scented beauty products, you'll be glad to hear that there's no scent, which I don't really like as I'd much prefer if there was some sort of smell off them. 

I had planned on swatching these on my lips, but there really dry at the moment so I didn't think anyone would really want to see that! From top to bottom the swatches are: Wear Berry, Natural Beauty, and Cotton Candy. 
If there is anyone out there thinking about trying them I would say give them a go! They are soft and creamy on the lips, and although they don't last too long on the lips, it isn't really a big deal, considering that they cost a mere 2.85! There was plenty more colours in these also, including some bright reds, so I may just have to back and get more! 
These are available nationwide from selected pharmacies, and selected Penney's stores, (I'd advise trying Penneys because they seemed to have a better selection).

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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