Wednesday, 30 October 2013

US Drugstore Items I NEED!!

Although there are some amazing things to be found in the drugstores here and in the UK, it seems those lucky suckers in the US get some bits waaaaaay before they hit our shores, and even at that, sometimes they never do! So I decided I'd compile a wish list of things I would be picking up if the day ever comes that I'll hit American shores!

To be honest if I could have fit a lot more bits and pieces into this picture I would have! But for now these picks will have to do!:D
First up in the top left is something I'm really really hoping will make its way over the us in the Emerald Isle, Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Pigments! I've been lusting after these since seeing they had been released a couple of months back so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I had a look at the Maybelline website and they come in so many colours so there's bound to be something for everyone! 
NYX are a brand that we can't really get here, which is a pity because they have some amazing stuff! One of the most popular and much loved products from the vast range available are these  butter glosses, which I think are more like a liquid lipstick! I saw Tarmarz talk about them in a recent video and she picked up some amazing colours in the US, so I think these would definitely be one of the first things I'd grab!
Next up, and the only thing that's higher end in this post is the Amazonian  Clay Blush from Tarte! Every blogger in America seems to love these. Soft, easy to blend and full of pigment, if only we could get them here! :(
WetnWild are another drugstore in the States, and the prices are just mental. I've just been browsing the Walmart website, and its buy one get one 50 percent off! Madness! Considering that the lipstick that I've pictured here is 1.99 (dollars) So you'd be getting another one for in or around a euro! I would grab any colours in these lipsticks because so many people have said they are super pigmented, and for that price you could afford to try loads! 
Another much hyped WetnWild product that is much raved about is the eyeshadow quads! Again these are so inexpensive, and they're meant to be such good quality! I wish all these brands would make there way to us, I'm getting serious cravings for all these new bits of make up now! 
Physicians Formula are probably one of the most well known American drugstore brands, and its no wonder, look how adorable this neutral eyeshadow pallette is and this blush is! 
Oh to live in the States, I definitely wouldn't have a cent left with all this amazingness!
I'm sure as time goes on there'll be more things added to this list.. As it is I've heard that Maybelline have released some limited edition matte colour tattoos! Considering there's only one matte shade in the collection as it is, this is great news. But will we get them... Who knows??
Thanks for reading guys,
Alisha xxx

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