Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Top 5 Nail Polishes for Autumn/Winter

When it comes to make up and anything beauty related, I have to hold my hands up and admit that I'm a bit of a hoarder. But its no wonder when I keep buying products that I really don't need! I'm the same when it comes to nail polishes. For a while during the summer, I had a different colour on my nails every week, even every couple of days sometimes! But after slight staining of my nails, (note to all you lovely ladies, if you do tend to wear a lot of nail polish then wear a base coat, it will save you a lot of hassle), I gave it up for a couple of months and went 'Au Natural' as they say in France, (I think). But now the colder weather is here, I'm all about embracing the deeper colours and decided to get back into painting my nails, badly at that! I've kinda lost count of how many polishes I do actually own, its definitely more than 50, and hopefully less than 100..... That's not bad... Is it???
I decided to have a look in my collection and see what shades I had that are perfect to carry you through the colder months until we hit the springtime!
So as you can see, there's a pretty mad selection of colours in my selection, and I think some of them would be suitable for the summer too! 
From left to right we have: 
Essie Carry on: This is probably the most wintery colour I have in my collection of nail polish. Its a lovely deep purple colour that can vamp up any outfit in an instant! The only thing for me is, it doesn't really translate to the colour that it is in the bottle, because with one coat its streaky and a bit wishy washy, and with two coats, although its more opaque, its more of a black purple. Still and all its nice, but I wish I put on a base coat before using it! :( Even better is the fact that I  got this for a mere 3.20 in Cara Pharmacy in Galway! Yahoo!! :)
Rimmel Green with Envy: I love Rimmel nail polishes. To me they are some of the best out there, and I don't see the point in spending huge money on the likes of Essie, or Nails Inc (I have some of both), when these are just as good! The formula of the 60 Second ones are fantastic, and are dry almost instantly, and when used with a top coat they last ages! I love green, any colour green at that, and this one has a slight duochrome finish to it that just makes it a little bit more exciting for the chilly weather ahead of us! These are so inexpensive, coming in around the 4 euro mark I think, so for that price you could afford to give a couple of them a go! 
Barry M Gelly High Shine in Blue Grape: Everyone and their mother has raved about the formula of these polishes, and I for one am no exception! In a couple of coats of these babies, your nails will look like you've just stepped out from a fancy nail bar after getting a gel manicure! I have a few colour in these, but I think this blue colour is one of my favourites. Especially as blue is everywhere fashion wise for the season ahead! The only slight problem I have with these is they can be a bit messy, and if you forget to use a base coat, then you can be left with some slightly blue tinged nails! Not a good look! These are only 5.95 in Boots, but as always there is probably some sort of offer on so you'll get a bit of a bargain on them! 
Essie A List: Another bargainous product that I couldn't pass up! (It was also reduced in Cara Pharmacy so I decided to try). This a red colour, but not your normal bright red that you'd often see around London in the form of double decker buses or post boxes! Its a slightly deeper toned red that will be perfect at Christmas to jazz up a plain black dress or to tone down a glittery outfit for New Years Eve. The possibilities are endless! I'm yet to try this one, but one of the evenings over the weekend it shall be done! 
Catrice Karl Says Tres Chic: I think this could be one of my absolute all time favourite polishes. I wear this any time of year as its just a perfect pinkey nude colour that looks great on a night out, or if your someone who works in an office or somewhere that dark purple nails may not be the done thing, then this is perfect as it just gives the nails a really polished and pretty  look! I can't remember the exact price of these,  but I have a feeling they were around the 4.50 mark!

So that's it for my fave polishes for this time of year, do you guys have any favourites?
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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