Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Essence Stay Matte Lip Creams

First of all, OH MY GOD, I am so so so sorry for my lack of postings recently. I would like to say I was super busy doing really cool things like most bloggers, but, I wasn't.. :( As a matter of fact, I just seemed to lose motivation to do a lot of things really, but now I'm back and raring to go!
So today's post is on one of the most bargainous beauty products of all time.
Essence is well known for its beauty bargains, and like most lower end beauty products, some are hits and some are misses. Not these Lip Creams however, they are fantastic!
The Matte Lip trend seems to be back with a bang this season, and everyone raves about the numerous MAC matte lipsticks, the most infamous probably being Ruby Woo, so I was interested to try a matte lip and see what all the fuss was about!
I actually have 3 of these, but there's two shades that are very very similar, so it didn't really make sense to picture the two of them, because really, if you have one then you don't need the other!

So the two shades I have are: Smooth Berry and Soft Nude. I also have another shade called Velvet Rose which is very similar to the shade Soft Nude, so I think it may have actually replaced it altogether! There is a 3rd and final shade called Silky Red, and I would imagine it would give a similar effect to Ruby Woo possibly, as its a very bright and vivid red. 
The texture of these are super soft and creamy, (obviously says you, they're a lip cream), and they are so comfortable on the lips, to me they almost feel like a lip balm! You wouldn't realise your wearing them at all.  The pigmentation of these is brilliant as you'll soon see in the pictures below, especially the Smooth Berry shade, for such a little tube, there's a lot of colour! However, they staying power isn't great. If you do eat or drink they disappear fairly quickly, but for me that wouldn't be a huge issue as I have no problem in reapplying lip products.
There is a slight vanilla scent of them however. Now its not overpowering or anything, but if you are someone who doesn't like scented products, then I don't think they would be for you! 
Application with these is very easy, as the product is dispensed on a doefoot applicator, and it because the product is a thicker consistency than say something like the Rimmel Apocalips, you don't have to worry about having too much product on the applicator, which is always a good thing! 
Obviously the one on the left is the Soft Nude shade, and the right hand shade is Smooth Berry. The pigmentation of these is amazing, and especially for the price which is something crazy like 2.89! I would love if they brought out more shades in these because I would definitely pick up some more... As a matter of fact, I'm contemplating picking up the red shade as it is! Essence do often release limited edition collections, so keep an eye for those incase they may release new shades as part of them! 
So what do you guys think? 
Would you try these or do you prefer a gloss finish?
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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