Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Lip Lovin!!

A lot of the time we often overlook our lips when it comes to our skincare routine. Its only when our lips get so dry that they start to crack, (mine at the minute, ouch), or when we apply a matte formula lipstick that we see just how badly our lips suffer, and perhaps regret not looking after them aswell as we should have.
Which is why from now until Spring creeps in, (and Valentines day, wink wink,) I'm going to aiming to give my lips some serious looking after, which will make it much easier when it comes to applying lipstick, the only thing it won't help with is deciding which one to wear...

                                  Picture taken from oneclickbeautycare.com

Exfoliating: This is probably the key thing when looking after your lips. We all exfoliate our bodies and faces using varying exfoliators, so the lips aren't any different. Obviously the lips are more sensitive than the rest of the body, so a less abrasive scrub is ideal. You can go out and buy a ready made one, or you can make one yourself!!

  • If you really don't want to spend money on a lip scrub, then it is quite easy to do it yourself. The easiest way to do it is with a toothbrush and some Vaseline, which lets face it, everyone has in their house. Dab a bit of Vaseline onto the brush and rub the toothbrush on your lips in circular motions. Lovely soft lips in an instant without spending any money! 
  • Make your own! This is simple, and again its not going to cost you anything, because pretty much everything you need should be in your kitchen. The basic ingredients for a lip scrub are sugar, (brown works best but ordinary sugar will work aswell,) and olive oil. You just have to mix the two ingredients together and rub onto the lips. You could rub it on with a face cloth if you wanted to really give them a good vigorous scrub! When your done all you have to do is wash it off, and apply a lip balm of some sort because your lips will be slightly dry afterwards. (But super soft). You can add other ingredients to it if you so choose, such as honey, or lemon, or coconut oil. Its amazing what you can find in the kitchen!
  • Buy one. The most likely option for us all, because lets face it most of us don't have the time for all these DIY beauty products. If we had the time I don't think we'd need to buy another beauty product again! The most well known lip scrub that can be bought on the high street are definitely the Lush ones. They come in a variety of flavours, Bubblegum, Pop Corn and Mint Julips. All of them smell equally as tasty as the other, and depending on your taste you'll definitely find one to suit. My personal favourite is the Bubblegum one, it smells like sweets, or the pink Hubba Bubba from back in the day! It works well, and it lasts for ages!! I'm still using a pot that I got back in February last year! And if you're so inclined to eat it, you can! Although I don't think eating dead skin from your lips mixed in with sugar would be too tasty... For what it is, its slightly expensive. Its around 6 euro, and if you can get past paying that for a tub of sugar then you're sure to love it!
                                                    Picture taken from Lush.com

Moisturise: Again this is common sense when it comes to our face and body, but we somehow over look it when it comes to lips. Once you've exfoliated your lips they will be super smooth, but slightly dry. The next step is to use a good moisturising lip balm to put some moisture back into your lips, which will give you a great base for whatever lipstick you may choose to wear. I currently have a few on rotation, one for my handbag, one for my bedroom, and then  another just for the sake of it! Its personal preference really, but I am loving a Lush one that I got for Christmas by the name of Honey Trap. Its by far the most moisturising Lip Balm I have ever used. Its no surprise really considering its made of up of ingredients like Shea Butter, Almond Oil,Beeswax and Honey! Oh and it also smells like chocolate... ;) 

The next step after that then is to try and decide which lipstick you want to wear.. .Which my friends I'm afraid I can't help with! 
So do you look after your lips, or do are they as dry as the Sahara desert?

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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  1. I love the Lush lip scrubs, they make the lips so soft and most of them taste yummy too :o) Xx

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