Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Top 5 Eye Products 2013

Hello again lovelies!

Today I'm on to the last of my 'top 5 posts'... I had considered doing a random favourites, but I decided against it, mainly because I'm not big into random favourite posts myself, so I decided to stick with make up!
This is the one post I probably had the least amount of thinking to do for, mainly because I have been using the same things on my eyes, over and over again!

Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoos: These were probably the best thing I discovered in 2013. It seems to be the same story with me the whole time, I try one, love it so much and go out and buy more colours! I have 6 or 7 different colours in them at this stage.. I have done a review on them already, which I will link HERE, so you can go and check them out if you so wish. They are so creamy and soft to use, they are a dream to use. The shade range is great, with Maybelline continuously adding new colours, and even a limited edition matte collection, which sadly never made it to our shores, but I'm hoping I'll be able to pick them up in America in a few months.. These last absolutely ages on the lids, and are great as either a cream eyeshadow or a primer. I use them as both, but find they last that little bit longer with a powder shadow on top. I love all the colours, but my two favourite have to be On and On Bronze, and Pink Gold. They're quite a bargain too at only 7.95, and are fairly comparable to the Mac Paint Pots.

MUA Undressed and Undress Me Too Palettes: I have much love for MUA, and have loved everything I've tried from them, but the eyeshadow palettes are definitely one of the standout products for me. The Undressed and Undress Me Too are probably the best dupes out there for the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay, but for a tiny fraction of the price! Quality wise I can't compare because I don't own any of the Naked palettes, but with these on the market, I can't ever see me owning one either. What I can say is that they are great quality shadows, and when I use them over a primer they last on me all day.. And I mean all day, like they're still as perfect at midnight as they were at 10 that morning! All of that is really great, but what's even more outstanding is the price, they are just over the 4 euro mark! For that price you get 12 really good eyeshadows that you can combine to make any number of looks! They do a number of other colours aswell, depending on what you're into, there's a pretty pastel one I have my eye on next!

Soap And Glory Thick and Fast Mascara: I'm really not a mascara gal at all, as I've said here before, they all seem to do the same job to me! However this one really surprised me this year! I have 3 of them that I got in various gift sets, (thanks Boots), and it has really really surprised me. For the first time ever I've actually been able to see result's with mascara, and I've been really impressed. I don't have the longest lashes, but this makes them look like I have the longest, girliest lashes ever. And it also adds loads of volume! Its not too expensive either, its only about 13 euro, and as always its more than likely on offer in Boots, so it lessens the blow a bit!

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Eye Kohl Liner/Avon Supershock Eye Pencil: I'm not a big eye liner person by any means, I used to be back in my teens, I thought it was really cool to have really really dark eyes. Then I realised it wasn't, and so my eye make up swiftly reverted to the bare minimum. However as of late, I realised that eyeliner can be a godsend if you don't overdo it. I've been admiring these people that can do their eyeliner in a jiffy, and these products helped me to be able to do it too. I should really have picked just one, but they're both as good as the other so I couldn't. Both of these pencils are so creamy, and just glide on the the eyes with ease! And then once they're on, its next to near impossible to get them off! The Rimmel one is readily available in most pharmacies, the Avon not so much now that Avon are no longer in Ireland... Sigh... I picked this up as a free sample in a magazine before, so keep an eye out and you to may be able to do the same.

Mac Duo in Dazzle Me and Mulch: I'm lucky enough that my boyfriend picked up on ALL my hints last Christmas and treated me to a lovely gift set from Mac. Included in it was this eyeshadow duo, and I had to include it. Not for the quality of the eyesh

adows, because to me they're nothing special. Good, but I have cheaper priced shadow's that are up there with the quality of these ones. But the colours are so beautiful! Especially when worn together! Dazzle me is a light cream kind of colour, with some gold glitter through it, and mulch is just a very wearable brown shade, again with some slight sparkle.

So that's it for the Eye Products!

If any of you have any different ones I'd love to hear them..
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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