Friday, 17 January 2014

Spa Sessions!

Ever have one of those weeks where everything went wrong? Ok well that's an exaggeration, but it was one of those weeks where I was feeling sorry for myself and nothing could cheer me up.. (Until I went and saw Last Vegas, it was so funny I was still laughing on the drive home).. But anyway, I decided the other night in the midst of my 'I hate the world' rant, that I would treat myself to a bit of pampering. No I didn't hot foot it off to a spa for the day.. Instead I did the thing that every Irish mother hates to hear.. 'I'm turning on the immersion for a bath'..
I'd say I was about 10 when I last had a bath, shower's just took over and became more convenient and all the rest.. But my brother treated me to some Lush goodies for Christmas... And well I HAVE to use them don't I? 
Everyone does things differently, and some of you might think I'm a bit daft or you may have other products you'd use instead.. But you never know, maybe you'll get some ideas and have your own pamper session! 

So first of all I did the most important thing and removed every trace of make up on my face and applied a face mask. The one I'm using at the moment is No 7's Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask or Dry/Very Dry skin. Lately my skin has been feeling very dry and tight, and I had gotten this at Christmas so figured I'd give it go! This is the first time I've seen or felt a noticeable difference in my skin after using a mask. It instantly made my skin feel more hydrated and I know its not a radiance mask but it did make my skin look a bit more alive after use!

For my actual bath I used Lush's Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. I'd never used a bath product from Lush before so I was only glad of the chance to do so. The first thing that hit me was the smell. Typical of the brand it just smell gorgeous! This bubble bar is made up of super moisturising ingredients like almond, cocoa butter, and vanilla, so its a lot more moisturising than the standard bubble bars. To make the bubbles I crumbled the bar under the running hot water, and just stood back and watched the bubbles and the water turn slightly pink! It was lovely and I'm really looking forward to the next bath I have with some of my other Lush goodies! 

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As an extra treat i opted to use my Lush Snow Angel shower gel. A limited edition at Christmas it is the girliest shower gel available. Its pink with slight glitter through it, and smells like sweets! Its divine. I think I got out of the bath smelling like a big bag of sherbet!! :D

And lastly I decided to bring my book in with me. Kindles and virtual books are all the rage these days, but I don't think anything is as good as reading an actual physical book. I'm currently reading Mitch Album's 'The First Phone Call From Heaven' which is about a small town in America which becomes the centre of attention after some of the residents have been getting phone calls from Heaven! Its one of those books that you can't put down no matter how tired you are or no matter how much work you have to do! 

I have to say it did help me feel a lot better afterwards. I'm the type of person that lets everything get on top of me, and worries about things that haven't even happened yet, or things that there's no point worrying about at all, and after my half hour of me time, I felt a lot less panicked. My New Years resolution is to try and stop it if I can, as I know its not good for me or the people around me, so hopefully I'll be able!

So what do you do if you're feeling under the weather or need a little pick me up?

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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