Wednesday, 1 January 2014

L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation

Happy 1st of January 2014 everyone! Hopefully you all don't have very sore heads today! ;) I didn't head out so thankfully I'm fresh as a daisy today, the last few times I've been out I've over indulged and I've felt rotten afterwards, and its not worth it!
Today I thought I'd talk about a foundation that caused quite a stir when it was released a few months back, and that is the L'Oreal Nude Magique 'Eau De Teint' Foundation. I had read a lot of reviews and watched a lot of videos on YouTube before I bought this, mainly because I hadn't really planned on buying it, but of course had a 3 for 2 on one day I was in, so I used it as an excuse to try it!!
First up, how adorable is the packaging! It comes in a teeny tiny glass bottle, with a purple metallic lid. Its just so cute! Not a very important factor to some, but it does help if the product looks nice if its to be left on your dressing table! 

You can see how it measures up size wise here to a normal size foundation, (excuse how grubby my healthy mix is). A standard foundation contains 30mls of product (usually), but L'Oreal's offering contains 20mls.

Formula wise though, its like no other foundation I've tried before! It doesn't look or feel like make up when applied to the skin, it just gives a really nice healthy look to the skin which I love! L'Oreal say this formula is 'lighter than water' which is due to 'volatile oils gradually evaporating as the formula is applied to the skin'. Very fancy! The foundation itself is like I said previously, not like your standard foundation. Its a very liquid product and so can be very messy if its not used right! To use you have to shake up the bottle, and then turn it upside down and tip some product on to the finger, and then use what's on your finger on your face. Now when I did this, I only had a tiny amount on my finger, and while I don't like thick cakey foundations, I do like a good coverage, so I did dab a little bit more on to my face, but only a small amount. Coverage wise I find it good. It is a lighter coverage than most, but I like that, because I want my make up to look natural for the most part. I've been using this during the day before my healthy mix and I've been really loving it! Because it is light, I have been using concealer on my nose for a bit more coverage as I do have a lot of redness around my nose, but I don't mind because I would be using concealer anyway. I apply this using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and it just blends it in so flawlessly! A lot of people may be upset that it only contains 20mls, but because of the real liquid formulation of this, it will last for ages!! Colourwise, there is only 6 shades, so there may not be a shade for everyone, but I went for the lightest shade porcelain, and it suits my skin fine. Pricewise it is 14.99, which is  the higher end of the drugstore, and is the same price as Bourjois Healthy Mix, and again because it will last ages, you won't have to buy too often! 

Have any of you tried this foundation? If so, what do you think?

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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