Friday, 3 January 2014

Top 5 Cheek Products 2013

Today I'm back with the second post in my Top 5 of 2013 series. This year was the year I fell hard for cheek products. Blush, bronzer, highlighter, you name it I tried it.
So here's the one's I really fell for in 2013!

First up is Sleek's Blush in Pixie Pink.. Well actually, any of Sleek's blushes! The quality of them is fantastic, and the colour pay off is better than most other blushes I've tried! A tiny bit goes a long way with any of them, otherwise you will end up looking a bit clown faced! The one I've pictured here is Pixie Pink, which is a really girly Barbie pink colour, and on the cheeks it just looks really natural and adds a nice pop of pink colour. And they're a bargain at 6 euro!
Next up is a fairly recent purchase of mine, Benefit's Dandelion. I had been wanting to try a Benefit blush for ages, and eventually I did! I can genuinely see the fuss around them now. Dandelion is a beautiful Coral pink, with some slight glitter through it, which is great because it means you don't need a highlighter with it. Result, especially if your a lazy bones like me! At 34 euro though they aren't cheap, but I think this will last a long time. Next one I'm eyeing up is Rockateur! 
I discovered the brand MUA last year aswell, and on a few trips to England I picked up a few bits. This Undressed highlighter was perhaps the best of the bunch! (Besides the eye shadow palettes,if you haven't tried them you must) I've seen some people compare it to one of the MAC highlighters, which of course I can't remember the name of now, but I will pop it in when it comes back to me! Its a gorgeous pinkish highlighter, which adds a really subtle glow to the face when applied. I hadn't really tried any highlighters before this one, and now I definitely don't want to try anymore! It was only some crazy price too, around 4 euro I think!
NYC is another brand that is super friendly to your wallet if you're on a serious budget, but still like to get your beauty fix. This Colour Wheel Mosaic Powder in Rose Glow is one I turn to if I'm not wearing a lot of make up, or if I just want to keep my cheek's natural. It just makes me look healthy, and for that I love it! Again its not expensive, I think its about 4 euro at the most!
I love Rimmels products, they're bang on trend with every new trend in the make up world, and they make them more affordable for everybody which is always a plus! This Mono Blush in Pink Rose isn't new by any means, but it is one I've reached for a good bit throughout 2013 and I felt I had to include it! Again this is just a really natural colour blush, and its one I'd wear a lot, especially for work and just every day when I'm not up to much!

                                          LEFT: Pixie Pink, Right: Dandelion

So that completes my roundup of my fave cheek products! Is there any that you all like that I don't have included? What are they?

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