Saturday, 28 September 2013

Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoos

I love love love reading other blogs, and watching various beauty 'guru's on YouTube, but perhaps the only downside to this past time of mine is I'm frequently left with a serious case of blogger envy. What's this you might ask? Well its when any of these bloggers/vloggers write and talk about various products that I would give my left arm to have. So more often than not, when this happens, usually in the case of drugstore items, I just run out to my nearest Boots and pick up said items! (I always kick myself afterwards due to the fact I need NONE of these things, but I usually justify it by saying I don't smoke, I don't drink or go out very much, and we all have our vices right?
This is what happened with what I'm talking about in today's post, the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo's. I think it was Orla from Makeupovermind that I first saw talking about these, so I decided I'd give them a go myself! Now I originally only planned on picking up 2 or 3 shades, but then I just kept picking them up whenever I saw a new colour I hadn't tried! Oops! For those of you that don't know what these are or haven't heard of them, they are a cream eyeshadow packed full of colour that literally last for ages once you apply them. Its like they turn to concrete on your eyelids!

Turns out I had another one hidden in another make up bag, that I forgot to put into this picture So altogether I have 8! 
My most used ones pictured below along with swatches are from left to right: On and On Bronze, Pink Gold, and Permanent Taupe. These 3 are the most neutral out of the lot that I own, and I find them so handy for using as a base for other eyeshadow if I'm going out at night, or else if I'm on a day off from work and I just don't want to put a whole lot of effort into my makeup! They can be built up for a stronger colour, or else sheered out for a more natural look. On and On Bronze and Pink Gold are metallic shades, where the Permanent Taupe is more matte, and because of this its slightly harder to work with, but if you work fast when applying it, there should be no problem!

It was at this point that I realised I was missing one, and so my pictures look a bit funny with 3 colours in one, and 5 in the other! But never the less we'll continue! ;) 
The rest of them are ones that I've collected during the summer and haven't got a whole lot of use from yet as you can see that most of them are fairly dark colours bar the gold one. From left to right we have: Light In Purple, Metallic Pomegranate, Everlasting Navy, 24k Gold, and Everlasting Navy. 
I thought the Everlasting Navy would be great for a change from a black smokey eye for a night out, but I'm not great at eye looks so I'll definitely have to practice a fair bit! The Metallic Pomegranate is such a beautiful shade, I kept going into Boots, swatching it on my hand and walking out, and then sighing with regret later that I hadn't bought it! I have a couple of Sleek eyeshadow palettes that have gorgeous burgundy shades in them, so this will be the perfect base for looks with these colours, and they'll last all day! The 24k Gold is a very yellow gold, but its perfect under more neutral colours, or even by itself its really nice, and its also a gorgeous inner corner highlight! Light In Purple is a funny colour, in that it says its purple, but to me its really a blue with a purple shimmer, but it depends which kind of light you look at it in!

 In the US, Maybelline have recently brought out colour pigments in the 24 hour line aswell, so I'm super excited for them to come to Ireland, because if there anything like the cream shadows they will be amazing! These are priced at 7.49 from Boots, but there is still a buy one get one half price offer in there at the moment and online, so its  the perfect chance to try some if you haven't before! 

Thanks for reading, 
Alisha xxx

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