Friday, 27 September 2013

Summer to Winter Make Up changes

First off apologies for being missing from my blog for the last week, I was away sunning myself in Spain! If you read my last post on Kiko, you'll be pleased to hear I picked up the majority of what was on my wishlist, and I also came across a shop very similar to The Body Shop, so I picked up a couple of perfumes! That was the extent of my beauty shopping really! I was very restrained if I do say so myself!
On to this weeks post though for now! I know we experienced a bit of a 'heatwave' this week, but usually come September, there is a fairly obvious change in the weather, and most people don't realise your make-up routine has to change aswell, along with your wardrobe! My skin seems to get a lot dryer in the winter, so I make sure to drink lots of water and use plenty of moisturisers and hydrating face masks to keep it somewhat hydrated. But on the really fun part, the make up!!
First off, foundation. For the Summer I loved my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, and loved the radiant glow it gave, without making me look like I had a ridiculously oily face! For the winter I'm going to be rocking more of a matte look, and the foundation I shall be using is the new Rimmel Stay Matte offering. I've tried this and its lovely! Its not heavy on the skin, which I thought it would be considering its a thick mousse textured foundation. And I don't need powder with it which gives me an extra minute or two in the morning when I'm getting ready for work! It retails for about 7 or 8 euro, and it will last ages because you only need a tiny amount to do the whole face!

Next up is blusher. I'm a huge blush fan and I think its the one make up item that I keep buying it and buying it even though I don't need it! But I cant help it! For the summer I was loving bright pinks and corals, and especially cream blush, but for the colder months I picked up this newbie to my collection from Kiko! Its one of there Soft Touch Blushes, and it comes in an amount of colours, like everything else they do, and as soon as I saw it I knew it would be the perfect winter colour! I think it was 8.99 or in and around that, so not too bad at all! I could have spent all day in the store, they had so much to choose from and all at great prices too! 

On to eyes next, and I tend to stick with neutrals for both day and night time looks, as there just easier to work with I find, but with the change in the weather I'm going to try and step out of my comfort zone and try some deeper colours. I'm starting off nice and easy with these new colours from Maybelline in there 24 hour Colour Tattoo's, Everlasting Nave and Metallic Pomegranate. As you can see from the picture they haven't been used yet, as I haven't been sure how to make these work for me, but I'm going to give them a go over the weekend, so hopefully with a bit of practice I'll figure it out! 

And lastly onto the lips! Again, I've gathered a massive amount of lip products, with the same few getting usage on a daily or weekly basis. Because of this I'm trying to 'shop my stash' rather than running out buying more colours for the season, and the first one I thought would be perfect is this lip butter from Revlon is 'Rasberry Pie'. Its a gorgeous berry shade, that isn't too dark, and because its a lip butter rather than a lipstick, its easier to work with! The colour is still very buildable if your someone who doesn't do subtle! ;) I think this was around 10 or 11 euro, but they tend to be on 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price in Boots, so it may be worth a look! ;)

So what changes will you lovely folks make to your make up bags for the winter?

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xx

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