Monday, 16 September 2013

My 5 favourite perfumes

One thing I love almost as much as make up is perfume. I have to say I tend to be a bit of a perfume hoarder. I buy them after one sniff in the shop, and more often than not that's it. They sit there collecting dust because my favourite ones are obviously the ones I reach for on a daily basis. I'm a real girly girl when it comes to scents, and I tend to choose sweeter scents over anything more musky or floral. So, on to the chosen ones!

So from left to right: CK 'IN2U', Roger and Gallet 'Fleur de Figuier', Kate Moss 'Kate', 'L'Imperatrice' by D&G, and L'Occitane's 'Mulberry and Mure'.
All these perfumes smell absolutely divine and I honestly don't think if you asked me to pick just one that I would be able! There all very sweet scents, but they all smell totally different!

So first up is a perfume from Calvin Klein 'IN2U'. Am I the only one who finds the name really weird? I'm useless at describing perfumes so I had to take to the Internet to find the notes etc, to make it look I know something about what I'm talking about.
So the top notes in this are 'Pink grapefruit fizz (fizz in a perfume, how cool is that!!), Sicilian bergamot, and  red currant leaves.
The middle notes are sugar orchid and white cactus.
And the dry notes are Neon amber, vanilla soufflĂ©, and red cedar.
I'm actually wearing this perfume while I'm writing this, and now that I've seen the notes that are in it I can relate to most of them. There's a definite kick to it, which I assume is the 'pink grapefruit fizz', but at the same time its nice and fresh, which again I would assume is the Bergamot. The vanilla is also fairly obvious too, but not in a sickly way. I love love love this perfume, and its great for both daytime and nighttime also. I'm happy to wear this all day to work, but if I was going on a night out and didn't want a heavy perfume this would be the first one I'd reach for. Price wise for this size bottle, (150mls,) it tends to be about 60 euro I think, but I was in Dublin and picked this up in a pharmacy which I think was Mccabes for 30! Bargainous! 

The next on my list of smellies I love is this scent by Roger and Gallet. Fleur de Figuier.This was much raved about in the 'blogosphere' when it came out first, and when I finally got to smell it for myself I understood why! From the name, I thought it was going to just smell like Figs. If the truth be told I don't even know what Figs smell like, but I just had an opinion that it was going to be too strong for me! Its a gorgeous scent, with the  notes consisting of Mandarin, Caraway seeds, Fig leaves, Grapefruit, Cedar, and Fig Milk and Pulp. This is a sweet scent, but not overly sweet as it has the grapefruit and mandarin in it to give it a bit of a citrusy kick. This is perfect for morning time showers, especially if like me, you love your bed and have difficulty getting up in the morning! Its just a nice fresh scent. My only downfall with this perfume is it doesn't last too long, but I purchased the body lotion to give it a bit more longevity and it does the job! This perfume was 39.95 for a 100ml bottle, and the body lotion was 14.95 if I recall correctly, and I got a free bag when I bought them. Roger and Gallet is a brand that's found in selected pharmacies across the country.

This one was given to me by a family friend to try when it first came out and I loved it, but then it disappeared of my radar for a while, but its firmly back in its place now! Kate Moss has brought out a few more fragrances since this one, but I have to say this is definitely my favourite. This is more on the musky side rather than sweet, but its still not too heavy and that's why I like it.Some of the notes in this are forget-me-not, pink peppercorns, orange blossom, and then more floral notes like magnolia, peony and rose petals. It also contains notes of sandalwood and musk, which is obvious when worn. Its on Boots website for 23.95 for 30mls. I'm sure they do larger sizes, and its available nationwide in most other local pharmacies aswell.

L'Imperatrice by D&G as you can see is very well loved! Its one I've picked up repeatedly on holidays because is so much cheaper in Lanzarote, but I don't know what I'll do when this one runs out! To me this is my 'grown up' perfume. Its a real womanly scent, but again, its not strong, which as you can see from this post is a reoccurring theme with my taste in perfume! It contains notes of rhubarb, red currants and muskier notes of sandalwood and grapefruit wood. The one thing I dislike about this is its so expensive! Its 67 euro for a 100ml bottle, and I know compared to Chanel perfumes its not too bad, but I just wouldn't pay that much money for a perfume for myself.Maybe I'll have to drop some hints to people for Christmas! ;)

OK I have to admit I didn't purchase this one myself either. What I did do is drop copious hints to my boyfriend in the weeks leading up to my birthday in the hope he'd pick up on them. And, it worked! This is an offering from L'Occitane, and it is divine! This perfume is part of the recent 'Grasse' collection, which was named after the city of Grasse in Provence.When reading about it on line, I thought it was going to be a real floral scent, judging by the Magnolia in the name, but its not! The top notes are bergamot and blackberry, which is the main scent I get from this, and the middle notes are magnolia and rose, but I cant really smell either. To me its just a real fruity, fresh smell! This is another one that lasts all day, and I've gotten so many compliments on it! I got this in a set with a shower gel and a body milk, so if you really want to make the scent last its great to be able to use the 3 together. I tend to keep the shower gel and body milk for special occasions, because they are so expensive, so I tend to use them as a real treat. The set was in and around 70 euro for the lot, which isn't too bad. If you have any interest in L'occitane's other products, try the Verbena range, its beautiful! Although if you don't like lemon or really zingy smells, then it may not be for you!
So that's my round up of my favourite perfume's! I do have lots more, but these are the ones I really do reach for on a regular basis!

Thanks for reading,

Alisha xxx

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