Thursday, 5 September 2013

My new favourite under eye concealer!

In recent weeks I've noticed my under eye 'bags' have become more prominent, and dark circles seem to be constant. My grandfather passed away a month ago, so a lack of sleep and long days and nights spent in the hospital took its toll. But since then no matter how hard I've tried to get to bed earlier, no matter how thick the concealer I've used, my dark circles seem to remain. My most recent attempt at concealing them was using a Prai under eye corrector, and the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. But not even such an expensive product as the Prai one worked! I was beginning to get paranoid, (even though I wear glasses, so they're probably not even that noticeable to others) until I recently went into the pharmacy near where I work and picked up this little ray of sunshine!

Every beauty blogger and their mother has heard of this concealer, and any of the ones I've seen talking about it has been singing its praises from the rooftops! But I couldn't justify buying more make up, especially when I have two or three other concealers on the go at the moment! Until now that is, and boy am I glad that I did! This is the Eraser Eye concealer, which has instant anti-age properties, and which also contains goji berry, which I assume has some brightening/and or cooling properties also. Now I wouldn't be too concerned with the whole anti-age part, mainly because I'm only 25, but then again, prevention is better than cure and all that jazz! But the product itself is amazing! I don't think I've bought something that I've really loved as soon as I've tried it for the first time. The product is dispensed through a sponge at the top, after you twist the lid to the left before use. Probably not the most hygienic method, but I suppose seen as only myself will be using it it won't be too much of an issue! The product itself is definitely by far the best concealer I've ever used, and you can instantly see a difference in the under eye area. My under eyes were much brighter, and a lot of the puffiness was gone straight away! I picked up the colour light which was the perfect match for me. It is available in Nude also, so I would assume this would be for people with more sallow or darker skin. Its around 11 euro for 6mls of product, which to me isn't the cheapest, but I wouldn't mind paying it again if it continues to do its job!

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xx

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