Saturday, 21 September 2013

My holiday make up!

So I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm heading away to Spain on Monday for a couple of days! (I'm excited, can you tell?) For the first time EVER, I'm trying to be sensible with what I bring, and so have thought long and hard, (for possibly 5 minutes), about what I'll bring. So these babies are the ones that  have made the final cut!

So the first and probably most important thing I packed was my suncream!This is Boots own 'Soltan' brand, and its factor 50, which I need because of my red hair and pale skin, and some after sun!
Then in my little clear bag, I have some miniature shower gel and body lotion from 'The Sanctuary', which are only 75mls, so are perfect for bringing for a few days, some shampoo and conditioner which I decanted into some clear bottles, and some face cleanser and a razor. I will also bring some moisturiser aswell,  I just don't want to pack it away until I've used it after I take off my make up!
Which then leads me on to the real good stuff, and the bits I love to see when people do these kinds of posts, the make up! I had already decided that base wise I was packing light, because I don't want a heavy base, and it wouldn't last on me anyway in the heat! So here's what I opted for!

I decided to go for my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, as really there's no point bringing anything heavier, as I don't like heavy bases on my skin when its hot and sticky! I haven't actually used this yet, but I've heard its great! Then for blush I opted for my MUA cream blush in the shade Dolly. This blush is a lovely natural colour which gives a nice glow to the cheeks, and is very neutral so can be worn with a lot of different looks. I'm also bringing the new Stay Blushed cheek tint from Rimmel. This is a blush but obviously in a tint form, so I figured this would be nice for holidays as its nice and cooling and I wouldn't have to worry about it melting off! For concealer, I've chosen my Maybelline Fit Me concealer in the shade 15, and this is perfect for blemishes and the under eye area, and I also could have sworn I put my Maybelline The Eraser under eye concealer in this picture too, but it seems to have vanished, or else I'm losing my marbles!

Ah, now I see where it went.. My apologies! I put it in with my eye make up! So for my eyes I've decided to go with a neutral enough look, as I've decided to go with bright lips for the night time instead. So I've brought this little palette by French Connection that I got at Christmas. It has a range of colours from dark to light, so if I did want to do a more dramatic eye look I can. I'll more than likely bring my NYX eyelid primer aswell to make sure the shadows last the night.
For mascara I've opted for this Scandalise one from Rimmel. I'm not a big mascara lover, I do
 wear it every day, but to me a mascara is a mascara, so they all tend to do the same thing!

And then on to the lips! The first thing I knew I had to bring was a lip balm because more than likely my lips will dry out in the sun, so I've chosen this one from NYC. And I've also opted for 3 lipsticks, which are all in various shades of pink! The first one is 101 from the Kate Moss collection for Rimmel, which is matte, so I'll definitely need the lip balm with that one. The next one is one of the Maybelline Colour Sensational lipsticks in Fuchsia Flash (I think), and then lastly is this one again from the Kate Moss collection for Rimmel in 20, which I'd been mad to get!! I havent used it yet so I cant wait to see what its like!
So I hope you found it somewhat interesting or helpful,

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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