Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My favourite bloggers!

Its only really since before Christmas last year that I properly got into reading beauty blogs and watching beauty bloggers on YouTube. Thanks to this new found discovery of blogs, my obsession with make up and anything beauty related, escalated quite rapidly!
Which is why I thought that today I'd share my favourite bloggers with you all!
Although I dont know any of these people personally, through their own blogs, not only do they share their love of cosmetics, but you also get a slight insight into their life, which is really interesting! I'm constantly looking for new blogs to read, but at the end of the day these are always the first ones that I look for new posts from on my bloglovin feed!

First up has to be the lovely ladies Karen and Joanne at http://www.lovelygirliebits.com/ . If you havent heard of this blog before then seriously, where have you been? As the name suggests, its a place to go and read about all bits lovely and girly! The girls post every day, twice if not 3 times a day! They both work full time, yet still are so dedicated to the blog! Its fantastic! They recently set up a YouTube channel also, and I tell ya, if there's ever a day you feel slightly down or under the weather, then pop over and watch one of the video's, I guarantee you'll be splitting your side's laughing! They are just so down to earth and funny, and I for one cant wait to see the next video!

Next up is the loveable Estee at http://www.essiebutton.com/. This girl is adorable!
A canadian lady now living and studying in London, her obsession with The Body Shop makes me want to go in and buy one of everything, especially the body butters! Her most recent August favourites featured an olive body butter, which sounds to me a bit like Marmite, you'll either love it or hate it, but yet I still want to try it! She has such a lovely personality, its almost like sitting down with your best friend having a chat about make up and beauty products!

Another blog I love catching up with is Kila, otherwise known as MissBudgetBeauty! http://missbudgetbeauty.co.uk/ Like the name suggests, she generally blogs about less expensive,more budget friendly items, but at the same time, does talk about some, (but not many) more higher end products. Which is fair enough if you think about it. How could she provide us all with sneaky dupes etc if she didn't sometimes have a sneaky purchase or two of more expensive items! All in the name of research for us adoring readers. ;)

Although this next one isn't strictly just a beauty blog, its more of a bit of everything blog, I couldn't not mention Louise over at Sprinkle of Glitter! http://sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.ie/ This girl is just crazy! (In a good way). Most recently on her channel I've watched her reaction to the new One Direction single, and also a Fluffy Bunny challenge, (I didn't know what this was either until I watched the video). That's not to say she cant be serious because she has covered some serious issues that a lot of bloggers wouldn't dream about, such as self harming. Over on her blog she also does really inspiring posts called 'Motivational Mondays', which is a serious of weekly posts on a Monday (obvious I guess) that covers a wide variety of topics, but that all in some way inspire and motivate.

So there you have it, some of my own personal favourite bloggers and YouTubers! I know everyone has different tastes, so there approach to blogging and vlogging may or may not be your cup of tea! But still, you wont know until you have a look! So why not sit down, grab a cup of tea, (make mine weak with 2 sugars please), and maybe you'll discover your new favourite blog! Or if your like me, you'll end up with a list of new products you want to try!

Thanks for reading girlies,
Alisha xx

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