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High End Christmas Beauty Gift Guide,

So that season is quickly creeping up on us, and no matter how much I give out and rant about it being too early for decorations and ads on TV and what not, it doesn't matter, its still going to happen!
The worst thing for me is trying to decide what to get for people, and although I'm keeping it strictly to family and the boyfriend this year, its still a pain!
So for those of you out there that are in the same dilemma as me and are unsure what to get some of the people in your life, I thought I'd compile a little gift guide for the women in your life!
I figured I'd start at the more expensive side of the spectrum, and work down to the less expensive side, which I think is a place a lot of people are looking to these days, which is no harm at all!
But for those people who do like to spoil their significant others at Christmas, here are some of my top picks! The bits and pieces I've chosen are all available on Brown Thomas' website, and if you don't like what I've chosen there are lots of other lovely bits there for you to peruse at your leisure!

My attempts at 'Paint' weren't too great.. .But any who here's what I picked!

Mac Nocturnals Lip Gloss in Nude: I'm amazed at the price of these... So much so that I considered not putting in to this post, 35.00 for 4 of Mac's well known Lip Glasses, to me that's a bargain! This same set also comes's in a Coral/Red collection, or else a Pink set, so there's something for everyone!
If this isn't your cup of tea, Mac have some other great collections out so they may be worth a look instead!

Diptyque Roses Scented Candle: I've seen beauty bloggers across the globe rave about these, and sometimes there's nothing nicer than a nice luxuriously scented candle to relax you after a hard day's work. For someone that  enjoys a relaxing bath or two, these would be ideal, obviously more scents are available but I just chose this one because I didn't know what the other scents were... Shameful! This full size candle is 50.00

Joe Malone Pomegranate Noir Collection: Joe Malone is one of those labels that I look at online and in Brown Thomas and nearly let the items fall in shock at the price, its just a really luxurious label with amazing quality products. Especially the candles! The set pictured here is made up of three items from the Pomegranate Noir line, the Pomegranate Noir Cologne, a hand and body wash, and a body creme.
Its 80.00 for the set which is great value, considering  the 30ml cologne which you get in this set is 48.00 alone! It also comes in a gorgeous little gift box, which makes it even feel more luxurious!

Clarisonic & Lancome Gift Set: If you have someone in your life that loves skincare, and really looks after skin then perhaps this set from Clarisonic and Lancome is one you should look into. The set contains the infamous Clarisonic 'Mia 2' and Lancome's Visionnaire, as well as Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser. Its 149.00 for the lot which is not bad at all at all!

Tom Forde Jasmine Rouge Lip Colour In Fatal: Tom Forde Lipsticks are the lipsticks of all lipsticks, they're little pieces of coloured luxury in a bullet. Full Stop. The black and gold packaging just makes it even more amazing! Why not treat somebody to this red colour so they'll really stand out on Christmas Day! 46.00 is the price, but she'll love you forever if she opens this on Christmas Day!

Kilian Jeweled Clutch Back to Black, Aphrodisac 50ml: This is something I'd never heard of before, but I just had to put it in when I saw it! This clutch is encrusted with real crystals and is adorned with the Chinese symbol of longevity! The clutch itself is amazing, and I'd love to even get the clutch never mind the scent, but it does come with a 50ml bottle of Back to Black, which does sound like it would be a very heavy musky scent... Its not the cheapest at 195.00 though!

So they are just some of my picks!
My next Christmas post will probably be on more drugstore products, which will be a lot more affordable for all of you, hopefully!
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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