Thursday, 21 November 2013

My Sleek Blush Collection!

Sleek is a drugstore brand in the UK that is raved about for having amazing quality products, at fantastically low prices. The most raved about products of there's is without a doubt, (in my opinion), the blushes.
Everyone and their mother in the blogging world can't get enough of them, and its not difficult to see why.
Now its not a brand that we'll walk into Boot's here in Ireland and find, boo... It is available in Superdrug in the UK, so for those of you on the east coast of our fair emerald isle, you may be able to get your paws on it.
However there's no need to fear because Cloud10Beauty have saved the day for us and have a range of Sleek's most popular products on the website! Yay!!
So onto my collection.... Which has expanded quite quickly over the past few months... oops!!

So altogether I have 5, and each blush contains 8grams of product, which isn't bad considering the price!

First up are the shades Coral and Pixie Pink. I bought Coral under the illusion that it would be just that, a coral blush, but as you can see its not coral, nor does it resemble coral in the slightest. As a matter of fact I  think its a bronzer, or at least that's what I'm going to be using it for anyway! Pixie Pink was a shade that I found it impossible to get my hands on. Any time I went to buy it online it was sold out!

You can see why though, its a bright bubblegum really girly pink! One thing with these blushes is that they are really pigmented, so a little does go a long way with these, especially the brighter colours. (I learned that the hard way). Pixie Pink to me is more of a Summer colour, but make up is supposed to be fun and there's no rules so go crazy!! ;)

Next up is Rose Gold and Flushed. Both of which I'm using fairly regularly since we hit September. Have a look at Rose Gold..... Does it remind you of any other blush? Of the high end variety?? No? Well this is a dupe for the infamous Nars Orgasm. I don't own it but after watching numerous YouTube video's and reading various blogs I sure can see the similarities! Rose Gold is a beautiful peach toned blush with very fine gold glitter throughout, so it works as both a highlighter and a blush all in one!! Flushed is a deep red/berry toned colour, which is great for the berry trend gracing the catwalks this season. Rose Gold doesn't come up great in the swatches again, but you can see how pretty Flushed is!

Lastly is my most recent purchase, Antique. Its part of the Vintage Romance collection that Sleek have recently released, and it is gorgeous! In the pan it doesn't look much, in fact when I saw it first I was slightly disappointed because it wasn't what I was expecting at all, but when I put it on, wow was I wrong! Its a mauve/brown toned blush, again with very fine glitter particles throughout, but when it's on it just gives the nicest glow to the skin! Its very natural looking so this teamed with a bright lip or smokey eye is a great look for the party season!

 So at the moment this is my collection of Sleek individual blushes. They also do a blush trio which I also have two of (shame on me), and I will show you those at a later date, possibly along with the eyeshadow palettes, which again are great quality and a great price!
If you haven't tried out any of the products and are looking to try some the blushes are a great place to start as they are so inexpensive, not that any of Sleek's products are. Other well known products are the Face Form, which contain a bronzer, highlighter and blusher all in one palette, so that would be a great way to try out three products all at once.

Sleek products are available HERE at Cloud10Beauty,
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  1. You can now buy sleek in boots in Liffey Valley in Dublin 22.