Friday, 15 November 2013

MUA 'Luxe' Power Brow

I have never understood the fuss behind eyebrows, and 'HD' brows. Now maybe its just because a number of people that I see on an everyday basis have done there eyebrows themselves, and they look absolutely ridiculous, like two caterpillars stuck on to their face! Mean but true. In recent months I've noticed that my eyebrows have become a bit sparse, it looks like I've possibly over plucked my eyebrows, a lot! 
Which is why when I saw this new release from MUA, one of my favourite brands as you may know already, I just had to give it a go! 
Its the Power Brow, which is part of the new LUXE collection MUA have released recently, (check of the Velvet Lip's, they look gorge!)
So the packaging is a bit more fancy than a lot of the other MUA products, but I suppose considering this is part of a more luxurious range, that would be why. Its great that they even give you instructions on how to get the perfect eyebrows and everything!

The product itself is contained in what looks like it could be a liquid eyeliner, but its a sturdy pen which contains the brow pencil on one side, and a brow highlighter on the other. 
Ignore fluffy pj's in background.... Ahem!! This is the brow pencil part, although it has a softer texture than a pencil... Its more like a powder in a pencil form, if that makes sense! I got the colour fair, which is probably a bit too light for my eyebrows, but seen as I only fill in the gaps that are obvious, I get away with it. 

This is the highlighter side. Sometimes with a duo product like this, the highlighter may not be great, but I actually like this one! I also saw Miss Budget Beauty say recently she used it as a face highlighter too, so I may have to give that a go!

Overall, I have to say I really like this product! I hate the idea of my eyebrows looking ridiculously drawn on, but with this product, that doesn't happen. 
I literally just use light strokes just to fill in the parts of my brows that I think look a bit sparse and I really like how full looking it makes them! 
The even better news about this product is that it only costs 3 pounds! Imagine!
Its available on the MUA website HERE

What do you lovely folks use to do your brows?
Thanks for reading, 
Alisha xxx

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