Friday, 8 November 2013

Suddenly 'Diamonds'

Everyone went crazy this time last year when Lidl surprised us all with their perfume releases in the form of 'Suddenly Glamour' and the later addition of 'Suddenly Woman'. They could not be found in a Lidl store anywhere after beauty bloggers realised the similarities between these and the 'Chanel 'Coco and 'No 5 scents, and for a ridiculous price of 3.49 it was understandable that everyone wanted to try them out!
So imagine my excitement this morning when I went to Lidl to find a new addition to the Suddenly range.... Say hello to Suddenly 'diamonds'!

God damn this stupid laptop for some reason it won't let me rotate my photo's anymore! :(
But anyway, when I saw the name first, I initially thought it was going to be similar to Georgio Armani 'Diamonds', which is a perfume I don't have. But on smelling it I realised it was similar to something I already have! Even looking at the box I could see similarities in the packaging.... So off I came home to do some investigating! 
This ladies and gentlemen, is (in my opinion a dupe of Boss 'Orange', by obviously enough Hugo Boss. 
Apologies for the blurry picture, but I just had to show you how similar the packaging is. This picture is from so if you want a closer look you can head on over there to see. 
It has the same white box, silver outline, and orange lines running through, and although not the same, the similarities to me anyway are quite obvious. 
But what about the smell you ask?
Well I'm yet to actually try Suddenly Diamonds as I only picked it up this morning, but after comparing the two scents, they are very similar, in fact I'd say if you were to do a blind test with these two, I would find it very hard to tell the difference between the two. 
I'm not very good with notes of perfume, but to me its a fresh but sweet scent, which you would easily get away with in Summer or Winter. 
Now with the previous perfume I've bought from Lidl, the lasting power isn't great, which for 3.49 you'd kind of expect! But for the price I don't mind having to reapply, and I doubt many other people will either.
The newest addition to the line comes in at a mere 3.99 for a 30ml bottle! How amazing is that?? Considering the Boss Orange is 44.00 euro for a 30ml! Madness! 

So what do ye think? Will ye pick it up and give it a go?
Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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