Monday, 4 November 2013

Lush Wishlist

Ah good old Lush. The only shop that I go into that gives me a pounding headache thanks to all the lovely goodies contained inside its 4 walls....Its not very often I get to visit a Lush shop because unfortunately there is none located in Galway, (Lush, sort this out), and its only when I'm either in Dublin or visiting my brother in the UK, that I get to go in and wander!
So if someone was to give me access to a Lush store right at this very moment, and a pocket full of cash to buy whatever I wanted, then here's what I would pick!

Let The Good Times Roll Face and Body Cleanser: I've heard Khila from Miss Budget Beauty rave about this and ever since I've been dying to try it. Its a cleanser, with possibly them most amazing ingredient in it..... Popcorn!!! Popcorn in a cleanser, imagine that! But anyway, this is a limited edition rolled cleanser that has been released for the Christmas season. Its made up of ingredients such as maize flower, polenta,cinnamon powder, and popcorn!! This is a cleanser that gently exfoliates the skin so it would be perfect for the party season, and the fact that it smells like caramel is only an added bonus! 

Snow Fairy: Another  Christmas product that has been raved about by bloggers all over the world that has peaked my interest. A bright pink shower gel  that apparently smells like sweets, what's not to like about this! I may have to ask my brother to bring me home some of this... Purely for research purposes of course! ;)

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb: I hadn't planned on this wishlist being all Christmas products... But that's just how its looking! Can you blame me though, look how pretty this is! It would actually be a shame to use this, but I guess leaving it sitting on the window would be a bit of a waste.. This is one of  the Lush bath bombs, which all have a surprise of some sort when you put them into the bath, usually in the form of some scents and colours, and sometimes even glitter! This particular one contains ingredients such as orange and cognac oil, and apparently turns the bath water all sorts of colours. I'm not one for baths, but this could be the thing that changes all of that!

Big Sea Salt Shampoo: A big trend this year in hair was volume, everyone wanted big hair! This shampoo from Lush aptly named 'Big' is packed full of coarse sea salt for volume, seaweed and coconut for softness, and lemon and limes for shine. It also contains fragrances such as neroli and vanilla so your hair actually won't smell like a big tub of salt, which can only be a good thing! 

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask: A few years ago I got a really really bad dose of spots on my chin, which I tried and tried to get rid of and nothing worked. I was so self conscious of them I packed on the make up, which really didn't help matters. It was only until a trip up the north that I was given a sample of one of the fresh face masks (cosmetic warrior) in a Lush store that the pesky buggers finally cleared up! Now I only tend to get spots the very odd time, and if I was looking for a cleanser to keep my skin clear I'd be looking to try this particular mask. Packed full of blueberries, calamine powder, Irish moss gel, among many other ingredients, this is a mask that gives a good deep clean, and so keeping the pesky spots at bay!

I could've kept going with this post really, there's so much amazing stuff in the Lush store at the moment, but I figured I'd restrain myself! 

Thanks for reading,
Alisha xxx

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